How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife Summary?

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Leon and his wife Maria are about to return to Leon’s village after getting married. They had met in the city and Maria has never lived in a village. They are greeted by Baldo, Leon’s younger sibling, as their horse carriage stops at outside the village.

Baldo welcomes the new member of the family. He is impressed by her beauty and soft feature. He observes her nice fragrance and radiant smile. He ties their bull, named Labang, to the cart and Leon hauls their trunk on it.

Baldo encourages Maria to touch Labang’s hair and horns.

She is awestruck at Labang’s strength and horns. Leon helps her on the cart and she sits on a bale of husk. They start their journey and Leon has the reins. After going a little further, Baldo takes the reins and takes a sudden route change into the rocky road of Waig and surrounding fields. Leon enquiries about the change of route and Baldo assure him that he is only following their father’s orders.

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Baldo and Leon both question Maria about her views about their village, fields and rocky roads. She is enthralled by the natural beauty and simple lifestyle.

She condemns the sheer number of vehicles and noise in the city. She loves the starry and clear skies over the lush fields. She and Leon even start to sing a song that Leon was taught by his father about the sowed fields under clear skies. They meet couple of people after coming out of the fields but not many as most people avoid using the fields after dark.

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They finally reach their house and are welcomed by Leon’s mother and sister. They are smiling and excited. Leon enquiries about his father who is in his room struggling with leg pain (injured in the revolution). Baldo goes to tie Labang and when he returns he finds Maria talking and crying with his mother and sister. His hears his father’s call and goes to meet hm.

His father questions about Maria’s conduct and her behavior throughout their journey to the house. It was test designed to see if she can adjust and accept the life of village and make it her home. Baldo reassures him about her live for Leon and commitment to their marriage. He confirms his observation that Maria was ready to embrace their house as her home.

Their conversation is disturbed as the new couple enters to meet with the father. Baldo leaves the room giving them some space with the head of the family.

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