How many of us have our times when we experience forgetfulness You?

How many of us have our times when we experience forgetfulness. You must have answered it almost every now and then. And more specifically speaking, when life gives you some hard lemons to squeeze you forget things easily.

While having this forgetfulness a normal and natural phenomenon, having a bad memory can be a little problematic and irritating as well. There are many reasons that play a significant role in issues related to memory, especially in memory loss. However, recent researchers have concluded that things you eat and the way you carry yourself can also play a significant role in reducing or increasing the issues related to your memory.

Following are some healthy helpful ways which can help you enhance your memory in no time. This will not improve your memory but also help you have a well-balanced and maintained lifestyle, in general.

Eating Foods with less Added Sugars:

Researches have proven that people who eat food which have added sugar in them causes many different diseases in those people, which also includes cognitive decline.

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So the less sugar added product you consume, the more healthy memory you have. This avoidance of sugar-laden food also put a good impact on your overall health and will save you from severe illnesses.

Trying Fish-oil Supplements:

Fish-oil supplement are highly rich in the omega-3, fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These fats are highly important for a healthy body and also reduce the chances of different diseases related to heart; helps in lowering down inflammation; provides you relief from stress and anxiousness; and also slows down the process of mental decline, which comes as you age.

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As per different researches conducted on these oils and their supplements, you can bring greater improvements in your memory. Especially; when you have entered in an age where mental decline becomes a natural phenomenon. People who consume supplements which are rich in DHAs and EPAs they either start improving their episodic memories or they possess better memory. Both of these fats are very essential for keeping your brain and body healthy and better at functioning.

Better Grey Matter:

Practicing meditation helps people in improving their functioning in many different ways and in many different areas of life. It not just relaxes and soothes you but also brings reduction in your stressful life, pains, and hypertension and most importantly improves your memory. As a matter fact; meditation actually helps in increasing the Grey matter of your brain. It is the most important part CNS which contains neuronal cell bodies. When you age this grey matter declines which causes you to have poor memory and affects the cognitive abilities all together. However, when you meditate you bring increase in your grey matter which automatically brings enhancement in your memory.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight:

A healthy weight is a representative of a sound body and a sound mind. Yes, having a weight that recognises by your height and overall health signifies that you also have sound mind. According to the results of several different researches obesity not only comes with different physical impairments and disabilities, it also runs a high risk factor of declining your cognitive abilities. You will be surprise to know that when a person gets obese, their obesity brings changes into genes that are related to your memory. Whatever the impacts are of these changes, they are not positive. Furthermore, with high obesity come the high risks of Alzheimer’s too, all because it causes different kinds of inflammation which affects your brain negatively.

This is the reason why it is said that having a healthy body mass index helps in preventing numerous physical and neurological diseases, and helps maintain a sound memory.

Having a sound sleep:

Poor memory also comes with the lifestyle you have, and that include your working and sleeping hours. People who says they are night owls or sleep less than the normal too often are found with poor memory. If you don’t sleep properly your memory consolidation process will automatically get affected. Memory consolidation is a process which strengthens your short-term memory and helps it to last for longer period of time. If you have a proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours you will perform better on memory tests.

Practicing Mindfulness:

Focusing more on present, thinking less about the future and learning from the past is what we call one’s mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of mind in which you cherish your present and are completely aware of the surroundings and about your feelings. A lot of people mix meditation and mindfulness as one however, they are not the same. Practicing mindfulness means you are creating mental habits which you can utilise in any given condition. These practices lower down the amount of stresses you take and lead you to have a more relaxed mind, which means a good memory. It also brings reduction in all kinds of risks which are related to aging and prevents cognitive decline which comes along with these risks.

Training the Brain:

People thinks that playing games can be very harmful, well to some extents it is true. However, playing brain games actually helps in enhancing our memory. These games challenge our brain which polishes our cognitive skills and that too provided with all the fun of playing a game. Crosswords, word-recall games, Tetris and even mobile apps dedicated to memory training are some games which are just a click away. They make your memory stronger and more flexible. These games improve your concentration, enhance your problem-solving abilities, and support your short-term memory very swiftly. And according to researches these brain training games also reduces the risks of Dementia.

Cutting Down the Refined Carbohydrates:

We all are very much relying on carbohydrates as a primal source of energy for the body. In with the changes brought by the modern world we have unintentional started to consume high amount of processed carbohydrates, thinking about the ease we get with these processed food. But have you ever thought about the damages it causes your body and mind? These foods have high glycemic index which cause damages to your memory. This is the reason why the western world has high no. of people with neurological diseases such as dementia, cognitive decline and reduced cognitive function etc.

Getting the levels of Vitamin D checked:

Vitamin D plays many different healthy roles in your entire body because of which it is considered as a very vital nutrient. If you have low Vitamin D levels your body might end up hosting a couple of problems related to your health including a huge decrease in your cognitive functions. If you live in the areas which are very cold it is advised that you ask your doctor to get your vitamin D levels checked. This way you could easily prevent yourself from having memory related issues; cognitive decline; and dementia.

The following are a few things which you can consider as glimpses which you can do for enhancing your memory. This requires changing in your eating habits and an overall change in your lifestyle so that you can have a healthy and sound memory.


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