How effective is Parliament in fulfilling its functions?

How effective is Parliament in satisfying its functions? (25 marks) The Parliamentary system within the UK is widely considered one of the finest, most democratic and effective systems of federal government within the world. With functions such as legitimacy, representation and analysis being performed every day, Parliament is the most important and powerful part of the UK political system. However, the efficiency of Parliament in fulfilling its functions has come in to question for a variety of factors, and lots of people feel that the UK’s Parliament is in fact no longer successful in correctly fulfilling its functions.

One function which Parliament can be deemed efficiently satisfying is its representation. A major obligation of Parliament is to represent each and every person within the nation, and individuals within Parliament would certainly argue they are doing so.

Each member of Parliament is there because they have been elected by the public to be there, and as a result they are representing the people within their constituency.

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This means that each person within society has a representative and someone who is echoing their views in front of the people who matter – those in Parliament. Furthermore, not only are the people being represented, but they are being represented by politicians who have expertise and are highly educated, meaning their representation is further improved. However, it can be argued that Parliament is in fact ineffective in fulfilling its function of representation. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, the House of Lords, a major element of Parliament that has a huge say in decisions that are made, is made up of unelected citizens.

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