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How Books and Stories Can Promote the Learning and Development of Children

Books are the best companion forever irrespective of age. Favorite books and stories always attract the mind of the kids. Children love stories and stories are one of the ways that the children develop their habit of reading. Books and stories promote the learning and development of children in many ways. Younger kids develop their sensations by ‘Touch and Feel Books’.Books with pop-up images attract the attention of little minds and they become interested in books and gradually get to know about many things like animals, birds their habitat, about different clothes attires, various seasons, and so on.

Reading not only develops the child’s vocabulary but it also helps them to understand the world around them, enrich their knowledge, to imagine the characters and situations of the story. It develops their imaginative thinking.

Below are some of the benefits that books and stories can promote:-

Children Know about the world: Young children learn about the world from books.

They get to know about animals, birds, trees, fruits, flowers from a picture books. They become aware of their surroundings from the picture books with names.

Children can learn about people and their lives, their attire, food habits, different occupations from books.

Books and Stories develop language skills: Reading books gives the opportunity to enrich the vocabulary of the children. Young kids learn simple rhyming words from books. Older kids come to know the variety of words and phrases by reading stories. Thus they become fluent in language skills which helps them to communicate better.

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Books help to boost a child’s concentration: Reading books develop the concentration power among the children. Young children generally have a short concentration span. But stories are very exciting to them. By reading stories they gradually develop their concentration power.

Helps to cope with feelings: When kids read or listen to a story they get involved with the feelings and emotions of the characters in the story. Thus they can be able to understand the emotions of different situations and circumstances.

Books and Stories develop a child’s imagination and creativity: Reading storybooks have a great advantage towards developing the creativity and imaginative thinking of a child. When children read their favorite stories they get completely absorbed into the story and then they imagine the character, sequences, situations, etc. They even become creative by reading the stories of their favorite superheroes or favorite princesses. They create stories on their own by getting inspired by their favorite characters.

Books are the source of knowledge: Reading with children promotes the thirst for knowledge. Children ask many questions while they listen to a story or read a story by themselves. They become inquisitive of what will happen next or what are the circumstances, reactions, or happenings, etc. Thus it develops interest among kids in different cultures, languages, situations, feelings, and so on.

Books are a form of entertainment: Books can be a great source of recreation for the kids. Instead of smartphones, video games, TV kids can get involved in reading their favorite books and enjoy them as their favorite pass time.

Books and Stories help to create a bond: Reading a bedtime story with kids can be the best time to spend with kids. Reading aloud stories and enacting them to kids have a great impact on the bond with kids. Kids enjoy the company of the adult while they read out their favorite stories.

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