History of My Friendship With My Best Friend

People say that childhood friends are the best friends in the world because they grow together and learn to accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I am a lucky person because I have a friend I met when I was a little girl, and we are still very close. We are totally different, but we have many shared memories that connect us and make our friendship meaningful. When I recall the beginning of our friendship, I cannot but think about how seemingly bad events can turn out to be the most precious and life-changing experience.

I was three years old when my parents bought an apartment in the new building. There were many other families with children, so I quickly found new friends. I especially liked one girl who lived on the first floor. We used to play outside as our mothers chatted on the bench. I do not remember her name or the way she looked, but I remember how upset I was when she told me that her parents are going to move to another city.

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I was small and thought I would never find a friend like her.

One day, as I played on the street, I saw a girl looking at me. I turned to my mother, and she told me that this little girl moved to the apartment that once belonged to my old friend. She told me something like “Go and say hello to your new neighbor.” At first, I was quite antagonistic and did not speak to her.

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However, it was difficult to remain indifferent and pretend I did not see her. She had these large blue eyes and blond hair and looked innocent and curious. She spoke to me first and broke the ice. She told me her name was Jane and explained that her father had to move to our city to get a job. I do not remember what happened after that, but I remember this episode very well because it changed my life.

I think we did not meet often before I went to school because I was too small and spent much time at my grandparents’ house. During my first day at school, I noticed Jane in the crowd. It soon became clear that we were in the same class, so it appeared that we were destined to be friends. As our mothers got acquainted and realized all the benefits of being neighbors, they tried to encourage our communication. For example, they drove us to the school and back, took us to the playground, let us play at each other’s apartment, and so on.

However, these attempts seemed somewhat artificial and did not bring the expected results. It was a challenge that brought us together. One day, as I was playing in the yard with my ball, I accidentally threw it in the wrong direction, and it fell somewhere in the thick bush. I was desperate and could not find it anywhere. Jane saw me wandering helplessly across the street and offered her help. We looked for my ball everywhere and finally found it not far from the place where I played. She smiled at me when she handed me my ball, and I suggested her to play together. At that moment, we realized that we are better together, and we still think so. To summarize, my friendship with Jane may look like the string of unrelated events. However, I think that we were destined to meet each other and become friends. It seems that losses and challenges were given to me to realize that my life is better when I have a loyal friend by my side.

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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