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Essay on Hip Hop

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Hip Hop

Given its extensive roots in underground music, many hip hop and rap pioneers decry the modern messages portrayed in hip hop. In particular, seminal figures in the early shift to the mainstream label modern hip hop artists as more concerned with image over substance. This has led many critics to ridicule hip hop for the cultural stereotyping and faux gangster stylings portrayed by its current lead...

Hip Hops Betrayal of Black Women

Though just when this feud begins it only gets deeper when she shines a light on the dark area of the women in hip hop. This is not a feud of just black and white men in hip hop versus the black woman. It is a feud also between the women in hip hop against the African American woman. Hip hop artist Eve appears in music video Pigeons and while being a woman in hip hop ever “displays her unity not...

Kendrick Lamar

That gave him a little more insight on doing the right thing. His parents being there gave me a whole lot of confidence. His sense for composition and his lyrical ability, so keenly felt from a young age that he had to put it to use. Storytelling was something he found a knack for. Now his words are heard throughout the world and he still has time to develop more statements and lyrics to enlighten...

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The hip-hop subculture

A select few of modern rappers continue to embody the original elements of the culture. Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Common, Talib Kweli and KRS-One continue to use rap as a platform for activism, social change, education, and life lessons. (Ogbar, Jeffrey O. G., 194). The movement is known as alternative hip-hop. The lucrative nature of the industry has produced highly successful rappers tur...

Rap/Hip-Hop: The Effects on Today’s Youth

DiClemente, R.J., Wingood, G.M., Bernhardt, J.M., Robillard, A., Harrington, K., Davies, S.L., and Hook, E.W. A Prospective Study of Exposure of Rap Music Videos and African American Female Adolescents’ Health. American Journal of Public Health. (2003). Dyson, M.E., Reflecting Black: African-American Cultural Criticism. Minneapolis, MN, USA: University of Minnesota, 1993 p.38 Gordon, E., N News,...

Violence in Rap Music

Author’s last name, first name. Title of Book. City: Publisher, Year. Author’s last name, first name. “Title of Article.” Title of Publication Date Published: Pages. Author’s last name, first name. “Title of Online Article.” Title of Online Publication Version (Year Published): Pages. Date Accessed <Web address>. “Title of Article.” Title of Media. CD-ROM. City: Publisher, ...

Old School Versus New School Hip Hop

Getting the crowd hype and dancing on the floor hasn’t changed much from old to new. But, as we saw the disc jockey’s setup guy, whose original job was to set up and rap into the mike so that the crowd could focus on the music of the DJ, has grown to become to multimillion dollar money making rapper. What most people today don’t know is that it was the fall of the disc jockey, the original s...

The impact of violence in music on children

Rap music has been vigorously condemned for utilizing foul dialect and portraying brutal stories. The issues that rap music center around ought to be tended to at the source, poor urban networks. On the off chance that anything, individuals should commend rappers for taking their issues out on a tune rather than in the city. It is the conviction of numerous that the verses accomplish good overall ...

Rap and Hip Hop Culture

Many young people use rap as a way of fun, distraction, etc. As a way that any place can start inventing rhymes and get a rap to have a good time, actually in my thinking, is more people who use rap as a way of distraction and fun seriously, although there are many people who If they take it seriously as something they like, to express themselves, to sing, or whatever they want, I think it's more ...

Evaluation Of The Relationship Between Rap Music And Criminality

Critics of the police's approach say they are dangerously blurring the lines between violent-themed lyrics and real-life violence, between music and criminality. The drill question is perhaps a quandary as old as modern entertainment itself: does music reflect your environment or shape it? So maybe it can be argued that rap does have instances where it encourages certain criminality but to say it ...

Violence in Rap and Other Forms of Self-Expression

According to Washington (2018) For these reasons, I believe that it behooves counselors to develop a working knowledge of Hip-Hop culture and rap music, at the very least, and to envision how these things are germane to social justice counseling with Black males. It is important to state that this position does not assume that Black males are a monolithic group with respect to Hip-Hop culture and ...

Freedom of Expression and Rap Music

This type of music has its advantages but also its disadvantages. It's a good thing because as I said before, it's a way of expressing oneself, a way in which many find a way to let off steam, but their bad side is that as they seek to express themselves and vent through rap, they use bad words, rudeness, and say things that should not be said, that's one of the reasons why many people are against...

Hip Hop Music And Fashion Cultural Studies Essay

Hip-hop music was popularly known as blame music. Hip-hop existed in the United States during the mid-1970s. Hip-hop dance was known as `` breakdancing, '' it is a really popular street dance for adolescents that influences people to watch them. Performed by a DJ, the `` round, '' is a count as a beat for the music. Hip-hop is followed by the beat of R & A ; B, disco, and funk. Hip-hop has a small...

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