Higher Education Context and Researcher Role

I have been working in higher education for approximately fourteen years now. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to experience a variety of different positions. While working in the higher education field, I have been able learn more about the different components that drive this field towards success. The different components the drive higher education include creating knowledge, educational expertise, capacity for teamwork, and commitment to ethical conduct, diversity, and a global perspective. Rapid technological advances is also a component of higher education, especially when it comes to the online environment of study.

The higher education context as it relates to my work as a scholar-practitioner revolves around the online environment. The 14 years I have been in this field, I have been involved in the explosive growth of online education. My role, as it currently stands within the online division of higher education can be broken up into three main areas of focus. This includes accreditation initiatives, policy review and implementation, and the program review process.

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First, I maintain accreditation initiatives (both specialized and institutional) and provide support where needed.

This includes drafting accreditation applications and self-assessments, reviewing accreditation documents for quality and accuracy, and lead working groups for each accreditor being pursued. Currently, my place of employment is pursuing, either for initial accreditation or reauthorization, approximately ten specialized accreditations. Timelines are developed, meetings are productive (either held bi-weekly or monthly depending on the intensity), and documents are checked and rechecked for flow and quality before being sent to an accreditor.

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I maintain notes during the meetings and distribute summary emails, noting deliverables, at the conclusion of the meetings. This helps to keep group members focused and on track.

Next, I serve as minute recorder on the academic policy committee (APC). In this role, I gather proposals for the committee to review and vote on, answer questions, lead discussions, track policies, set up monthly meetings, and take minutes. This is also a role where I must ensure that all stakeholders have reviewed and vetted the new or revised policy prior to it being voted on at APC and then implemented by the registrar’s office.

The third area of focus is regarding the program review process and tracking. In this role, I’ve had to create a three-year program review cycle, develop a template and guidelines for completing a program review, and engage with appropriate individuals monthly to report on progress. While I do not actually write the program reviews, I do assess them for quality, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. All three main areas of focus are similar in that working groups were created to foster collaboration and inclusiveness.

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