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Having Sex with Your Mom

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Being with someone who is twice as old as you is a bad idea. Why do I say that? In the play, Oedipus, the main character in Sophocles’ plays “Oedipus Rex” was cursed by the gods, was crazy, and did sleep with his mom (and also killed his dad). Throughout the play he shows part of the cycle of acceptance: Anger, Depression, and Acceptance. Oedipus first became angry before he accepted the truth. He was angry at Teiresias by insulting him.

“It has-but not for you; no, not for you, shameless and brainless, sightless, senseless sot! ” (36) Teiresias told him what the truth is and Oedipus reply with insults.

So, Oedipus got angry at Teiresias because of his truth. He immediately became angrier because of his comments. When Oedipus requests the shepherd to tell their stories, he refuses because if he told something that Oedipus doesn’t like to hear then they will be killed. “Answer! If I must speak again, you die! ” (58)

The shepherd knew if Oedipus doesn’t get his answer, he would kill him.

Eventually, Oedipus finds out what happened to King Luis. Oedipus became angry with the truth that when the bad news was told from the others. Oedipus then got depressed when the truth was told. When Oedipus spoke to Jocasta, his emotions felt uneasy and depressed about what the outcome would be. “Is there any more wretched mortal than I more hated by God and man? ” (48) He was unsecured which made him worry about what Jocasta told him.

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Later he became more depressed when the truth was out. As soon as the shepherd came, his depression grew. “What should I do with eyes where all is ugliness? ” (63)

Oedipus saying what he should do with eyes that shouldn’t be seen by anyone because of his shame. Oedipus finally accepted bad news. After all those trouble he went through with Teirsias, he shows how he accepts the truth. When he was talking to himself, in the stage, he said “Revealed as I am sinful in my begetting, sinful in marriage, sinful in my shedding of blood! ” (58)

This clearly states that he admits he married his mom, “sinful in marriage…” and killed his father, “shedding of blood. ” It’s obvious that he admits all those things he stated. “Now, shedder of father’s blood, husband of mother is my name; Godless and child of shame, Begetter of brother-sons; what infamy emains…” (63)

This also states that he killed his father “father’s blood” and married his mother and makes him the son and husband and his brothers are his sons. This clearly he admits and accepts the fact that he did slept with his mother and the other truths. In the end, after all the anger and depression, Oedipus did accept the truth. He got angry with Teiresias and was depressed when the shepherd told him the story. When people receive bad news, we all don’t admit that it’s true and deny it until we are proven wrong many times.

We generally go through the cycle of acceptance: Denial, Anger, and Depression.

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