Hamlet Unit Test Review

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In Shakespeare's Hamlet, what plot event prompts Hamlet to become suspicious and resentful?
a visit from his deceased father
Which question is most likely asked by a reader analyzing a text through a formalist lens?
How do the parts of the text relate to the whole?
If Shakespeare kills the character of Hamlet, what dramatic convention would he be using?
unhappy ending
Which statement is a feminist analysis of these lines?
Although she is queen, Gertrude is caught between her powerful husband and bitter son.

The message a text conveys about a topic is called the .
Hamlet's character is complex in the excerpt because
his erratic behavior confuses his friend.
When a reader analyzes the way a theme unfolds and gradually becomes more complex, the reader is analyzing the theme's
Which ideas describe a round character? Check all that apply.
1, The character experiences a variety of human emotions.
3, The character possesses a complex personality.
5, The character grows or develops over the course of a play.
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Which statements describe Elizabethan drama? Check all that apply.
1, Plays address secular themes.
3, Actors portray emotions that reflect life experiences.
Which statements describe the rising action of a tragedy's plot? Check all that apply.

Which statements describe the rising action of a tragedy's plot? Check all that apply.

1. A series of events develop the plot's central conflict.
3.Suspense builds gradually as the plot progresses.

Which statement best describes how this plot event shapes Laertes?
Laertes's shock at his sister's condition fuels his anger.
To analyze tone, the reader should study word choice, which is also called
A text that is meant to be performed is called a(n) .
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Which detail in Hamlet best reflects the time the play was written in?
Monarchy is the form of government.
Historical criticism considers a text's relationship to the .
time period it was written in
Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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