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This report is based on a study carried out for the fulfillment of the degree requirement of the Bachelors of Business Administration at the Institute of Management Sciences, Hayatabad Peshawar Pakistan. The purpose of the study is to analyze and evaluate the operations, functions of the Habib Bank Limited regarding Housing Finance, in which I completed my internship. On the basis of analysis and the operations of the bank in Housing Finance scheme, I have finalized my recommendations.

The study also provided me the opportunity to do practical work in the field and apply my personal knowledge and understand the housing finance scheme of the bank objectively.

This experience, as a matter of fact, broadened my vision and added new dimensions to my thinking and creative aptitude. The scope of the study is confined to Housing Finance scheme, carried out by the Habib Bank Limited and PICIC Commercial Bank. The Housing Finance scheme of both the banks has been thoroughly analyzed and compared on the basis of the facts and figures, given in the relevant literature.

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Recommendations, compiled on the basis of analysis and comparative study, if adopted would be beneficial to both the banks and the customers. The vast scope of the housing finance is difficult to analyze in such a short span on two months . thus the time factor is a basic limitation of this study. Another limitation is lack of required information at the branch level as all the documents are kept strictly under lock and key due to their confidential nature .

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the secrecy of the bank, which restrict the internee not to mention each and every fact and figure in the report . some of the data are so confidential in nature that it disclosed to only bank employees. Busy working hours restrict the officers to pay more attention to an internee is another limitation of this study. This study will benefit the students of finance in particular because the comparative analysis section of this report comprehensively encompasses all aspects of financial analysis of a housing sector of HBL and PICIC

The student can also seek guidance in the future and the officers of the Housing Finance can also benefit from the recommendations made at the end of the report. This section of the report includes an overall view of Housing Finance in Pakistan this section is composed of 3 chapters. Chapter 2nd the organizational review Chapter 3 out lines the housing and housing finance in Pakistan. Chapter 4 outlines the housing finance, a case study of Habib Bank Limited.

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