Governance Essay Topics

Corporate Governance In Australia

INTRODUCTION Corporate governance is the process by which the corporate can implement proficient decision making, appropriate resource allocation, and involve in strategic planning. It concentrates on how objects of are laid down and attained, how risk is watched and evaluated and how performance are maximized. Corporate governance helps corporations to construct value through innovation, provide… View Article

The Japanese Managerial System

Takeo Hoshi and Anil Kashyap have in the last chapter of their book; Corporate Financing and Governance in Japan explained the future of the Japanese Investment and Fund Raising market. This future prediction can be assessed taking into consideration the trend of the Japanese market from 1930’s where banks and traditional money lenders were predominant… View Article

Traditional Administration Revised

1) Traditional governance: evolution and patterns Traditional administration in many countries represents an ancient system that peacefully co-exists with the modern governance structures.  In many societies over the past centuries, social life has been functioning on the basis of a social contract. The contract is similar to the one proposed by Rousseau and stipulates that… View Article

Public Governance in England

Governance can be defined as how local government bodies operate and control structure and processes of local authorities to manage their communities under one umbrella. These local bodies ensure quality service to the people and lead communities in a responsible way (Governance). The role of governance is to give clear directions, facilitate new projects, acts… View Article

Effective Governance

Every successfully running organization that wishes to continue working with bright colors, intends to work in such an order that could help them not only to come up to the standards expected by their clients but also to meet their targeted objectives. This helps in survival and future success of the enterprise. To continue working… View Article

Critically Evaluate the Case for and Against Global Governance

1.0Introduction: Mulley (2008) defines global governance as “government-like activities in the international system”. Over the past eight decades, it has been possible to witness the growth and development of the various institutions and organisations that compose modern global governance. From the creation of the United Nations to the establishment of the European Union, global governance… View Article

Role of Governance in Local Development

Since the end of the 1980s the issue of good governance has dominated the international discussion about development and international assistance to developing countries. It has been argued that good governance is an essential precondition for development. There are many countries that are similar in terms of their natural resources and social structures but with… View Article

Why corporate governance fails

In my opinion corporate governance fails because of bad decisions made by the CEO’s, Board of Directors, Shareholders, and Top Management. “One of the many problems that defenders of America’s free market system fail to address is the severe dysfunction at the top of the nation’s big public companies. Cases in point include some of… View Article

IT Governance

IT governance is a subset of Corporate Governance that is basically focused on how systems of information technology perform. There is an increase in interest in IT governance due to compliance initiatives and the realization that IT projects can affect the performance of an organization profoundly if they get out of control. In the current… View Article

Good Governance

Introduction The topic of this essay concerns about good governance namely what is it, what is its possible application in the formal and informal sectors added to its context, do the different ideological systems concord with it and lastly does it produce any, whatsoever, improvement or development in any sense and sector? And to answer… View Article

Canadian Shield Case

Using the Accenture document on governance presented with the Alcan case, place Canadian Shield in the appropriate quadrant. According to the Accenture document, I would place Canadian Shield within the efficient, predictable operator category. The slow rate of change and need to compete on operational efficiencies characterized by most companies in this quadrant is detailed… View Article

Corporate Governance Assignment

1. Introduction Corporate entities of all types need a governing body. In the case of a company, this is its board of directors. Corporate entities governed by a board of directors face the central challenge of the agency issue. Whenever a principal has to rely on agents to handle his or her business, governance issues… View Article

Mark&Spencer Governance Structure

Corporate Governance 1. Group Board The board’s role is what management is doing, holding them accountable for performance against the targets and standards, probing and challenging their thinking to make sure that they are on the right track. The Board works closely with management in thinking through their direction and long-term plans, the opportunities, the… View Article

The Eddie Stobart business

The Eddie Stobart business is unpinned by the company brand, people and systems. This is their strategy to keep the business running successful for the next 3 years. The purpose of this strategy is to increase the sea, rail and air sectors. Strategic Planning Starting new partnerships with customers to further efficiencies. To take the… View Article

The Wallace Group

A. What is the most important problem facing the Wallace Group? There are several problems facing the Wallace Group, but it seems the most crucial problem facing the group is two-fold; the lack of vision and direction from the CEO, Harold Wallace and improper management. a. His diversification program that resulted in the acquisition of… View Article

The System that Couldn’t Deliver

Three years ago, Diana Sullivan, was recruited by Lenox from a major competitor to work as its Chief Information Officer. Sullivan, a 20-year veteran information systems executive, knew going into this job that computers had never been one of Lenox’s strengths. James Bennett, Lenox’s Chief Executive Officer told Sullivan that they simply need a tool… View Article

The four basic activities in management process

1. What are the four basic activities that comprise the management process? How are they related to one another? ” The four basic activities that comprise the management process are as follows: Planning and Decision Making, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. Managers engage in these activities to combine human, financial, physical, and information resources efficiently (using… View Article

The impact of globalization

Globalization is a relatively new concept. As little as ten years ago, the term was hardly used. Today globalization is being discussed everywhere; by businessmen, politicians, economists, academics, right through to the average person on the street. It affects all aspects of our modern lives, from what we eat, to what we watch on telly,… View Article

Article Review LAW 421

The article was a proposal that tried to justify the reason that congress should repeal the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX Act) of 2002. The act is seen as a problem because individual felt that the act was only put in place so government official could feel better about addressing some issues of popular concern rather than… View Article

Corporate Governance

Conduct a review of the governance of your organisation (or one with which you are familiar) in the form of a report to the Chairman (or President) of the Governing Board of Directors. In the brief report use the concepts, tools and techniques learned in this subject to review the structure, process and effectiveness of… View Article

Heritage Doll company

I agree with Apex to attain full compliance with SOX. As you know about Apex is private company and will be seeking for new external funding to expansion into a new segment of the printing sector therefore, the new investors are needed for them because they have to access capital market to raise money for… View Article

Electronic media is the root cause of all evils

Electronic media is the root cause of all evils in this modern society. Electronic media is the medium through with current information is provided to the people. There are different types of electronics, computer, internet, mobile etc. electronic medias the very powerful medium of controlling the people. Electronic media can be used negatively or positively… View Article

Sarbanes-Oxley. ACCT301

1. In two to three paragraphs, describe the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and why it is important to the accounting profession. (15 points) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed in 2002 by Congress after a series of scandals involving companies such as Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco. This was passed because of shady transactions and misrepresented financial data which… View Article

Women in top corporate sectors

Few men and even fewer women make it to the role of chief executive officer (CEO) at major corporations. Although there are fewer female CEOs than males (only 13 of America’s largest 500 companies were run by women in 2009), the route to the top is not much different. Unfortunately, it can get lonely at… View Article

Understanding contesting claims about the pork barrel issue

The talk started with the historical background of Priority Development Assistance Fund. It was truly insightful as I have come to learn when and how it was created. It was surprising to know the total amount of the PDAF that legislators get. I don’t think it is very reasonable for them to get that high… View Article

Ethics in public ad

Since the 1970s there has been a great deal of change associated with the implementation of administrative ethics. These changes have been promoted and motivated by the concept of public administration in the new era. An important position is given to the concept of ethical issues in today’s civil governance. There has been a great… View Article

Development of a Code of Ethics: IT Challenges

Societal changes caused by information technology and the resulting ethical usage The information technology advancements continue to impact the workplace, societies and cultures. In today’s world, information technology is almost part of every business, educational institute, and even personal activity (Brooks, 2010). Computer and internet access have found their way to households, schools, libraries, people’s cell… View Article

Leadership and governance

Executive Summary The following essay will analyse two important elements in every organisation, leadership and governance, the interaction between them and how they influence in organisations outcomes. This paper will cite different journals and studies to support the ideas referents to this topic. Firstly this essay will discuss on leadership to understand why this culture… View Article

Audit Staffing Memo

I first wanted to thank you for congratulating me on my recent promotion; I look forward to working with you on the new Apollo Shoes engagement. I have read all the information you sent me about Apollo Shoes to gain a better understanding of the company, and I feel like I have a firm grasp… View Article