Goals of the Chicago School of Psychology

I enthusiastically recommend Deanna Lopez as a candidate for The Chicago School of Psychology. Deanna has a positive attitude and is full of determination and perseverance. She has overcome obstacles and surpassed challenges beyond her years to find success in all she puts her mind to and will achieve many great things in her lifetime. She has not allowed any challenge to hold her back but has utilized each as a learning experience and helped her create a strong resolve for the future she desires.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with her as a mentor for over a year and a half.

Deanna is talented in a broad range of areas including writing and the ability to make people of all ages comfortable in any situation. She is a multifaceted wonderful young woman who sees the good in everyone. She is a reliable, honest, and finds joy in supporting and helping others. Her remarkable people skills combined with her ability to see situations from multiple perspectives make her an excellent candidate for your Forensic Psychology program.

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Deanna is compassionate, caring and thoughtful. She maintains a positive and optimistic outlook on life. She is a prolific reader who has an innate desire to learn, to widen her views, and understand new ideas. She works well independently and has a keen ability to keep a group cohesive, minimize differences, and use individual strengths to motivate and lead a team. She has repeatedly shown me that a mentor can learn just as much from their mentee as a mentee does from mentor.

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Any university would be thrilled with Deanna as she is a determined student with so much to give to her faculty, peers, and university. Her previous teachers have loved her enthusiasm for learning and engagement in the classroom and I’m sure your faculty will feel the same should she be accepted. Deanna not only accepts but adopts constructive criticism and strives to improve in every aspect of her education and life. She deserves all the positive things that will undoubtedly come her way during her college years and beyond. If Deanna is accepted into your Forensic Psychology Program, she will excel in this field and go on to transform lives. The confidence and perseverance that she has developed in the last year are phenomenal and I look forward to seeing that continue in college.

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