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Assignment About General Electric Company

Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, business organizations have begun to recognize and give a lot of attention and importance with regards to the evaluation of the quality management of their business operations and activities on a regular basis. In fact, quality management has become a vital part of each and every single business organization all over the world. This is particularly true among business organizations and multinational corporations who are involved in manufacturing products as well as providing services to their target market.

While there have been a number of different performance evaluation tools utilized in quality management, this paper would only focus on the use of the Six Sigma System Approach by General Electric (GE) Company in its quality management evaluation. The paper would provide an overview of both the company and the circumstances that have brought about General Electric using the Six Sigma System Approach as a performance evaluation tool in terms of quality management.

From here, the paper would evaluate the suitability of the use of this performance evaluation tool utilized by General Electric.

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The paper would then conclude by providing recommendations and conclusions based on the evaluation conducted. General Electric Company In order to provide a proper evaluation on the implementation of the Six Sigma performance evaluation tool in General Electric (GE) Company, an overview of the company must first be established.

General Electric Company was initially established in 1890 as the Edison General Electric Company. Its founder was Thomas Alva Edison who has been known as the inventor of the incandescent light bulb.

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The company was primarily established by Edison in order to provide him a venue to explore the potentials of dynamo and other electrical devices. At the time of its inception, Edison’s company faced stiff competition with the Thomson-Houston Company.

Because of the difficulties of competing with each other as a result of patenting various electrical devices developed by each company, the two companies eventually struck a merger and in 1892, the General Electric Company as we know it today was formed (“Thomas Edison & GE” 2008). To this day, the company continues to manufacture and distribute the same products that Thomas Edison and his company had developed two centuries ago.

The company is today popular for its lighting, industrial, power transmission and medical equipment products. The company has also begun to branch out by playing in different industries apart from the manufacturing industry. One particular industry that the company is now a part of is the financial servicing industry with the opening of GE Money Bank. It has now also delved into the media and entertainment industry when the company acquired the NBC International Broadcasting network (“Products and Services” 2008).

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