Future Is Unpredictable

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Many believe the future is far brighter and more promising than ever envisioned as a result of change in time. Although this stands real, there is no method allowing us to properly predict the future in regards to achievement or success. Even so, it is important to recognize how dazzling the earth has become.

As an outcome of the passing of time, lives have improved thanks to innovation and medicine, which have actually assisted develop a brighter world. For instance, years ago, a person ran the risk of death by being identified with an illness such as strep throat.

With lack of antibiotics and technology required to cure illness, lives were not as rich as they are today. With the large abundance of medications around today, strep throat can be quickly cured. In the same method, cancer, which as soon as left victims without hope, can now be cured with use of chemotherapy that exists as an outcome of modern-day technology.

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Lives have bettered due to the fact that of the degree of modification worldwide that has resulted in the improvement and development of medicines. The world continues to lighten up each and every day; at this rate, the future might even hold a treatment for diabetes.

Fifty years ago, women and minorities did not even stand close to white men in terms of opportunity and prosperity. As a result of time, the world has come a long way with women and minorities now holding important business positions and succeeding in ways that were never imagined.

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In the days of Martin Luther King, an African American and white male would not even dare to enter the same building.

Today, by looking inside a public building, one can see the degree of change on this earth that caused African Americans and whites to now work together in schools and businesses, which are more accepting than ever. Fifty years ago people would never imagine black women to become influential figures. Today, Oprah Winfrey, an African American woman, is loved and followed by millions of fans. The future is unpredictable, but this degree of change is more promising than ever.

All in all, time has led to change that has created a brighter and more promising earth. Diseases that were once deadly are now easily cured. People that once faced extreme discrimination are now treated as equals. The world continues to change for the better, one day cures may will be found for
diseases thought today to be deadly and groups such as gays may one day be fully accepted.

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Future Is Unpredictable

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