The future direction of crime

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The future direction of crime fighting relies in technology and the advancement of technology as new crimes are committed. Some technology systems used today to capture criminals are: DNA technology, computer aided dispatch systems, and GPS systems.

DNA technology allows criminals to be captured through their DNA left at the crime scene, computer aided dispatch systems allows police officers to send and receive messages to dispatchers quickly and effectively; computer systems also allow police officers to look up an offenders address and recent arrest records if the offender has been arrested, and GPS systems allows the dispatcher to know the exact location of an officer and to also pick up criminals through phone call made on their cell phones.

According to the text, technology is a double-edged sword: It arms evildoers with potent new weapons of crime commission, yet it provides police agencies and criminal justice personnel with powerful tools useful in the battle against crime (Schmalleger 2012). Crime committers try to find new ways in which they can beat the law through the crimes that they commit or attempt to commit.

Because of this, technology must continue to improve in order to continue to crack down on crime and crime committers.

Social policy consists of guidelines, principles, or rules that affect the living conditions of people such as: their security, employment, and over all well-being; the future of technology and crime fighting will play a major role in social policy implication. The future of technology will give people a sense of security, cause more employment, and crack down on crime committers as well as prevent crime in the near future.

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When technology ideas are invented and decided that they are going to be built, it will cause new jobs to open up so that the technology can be created and also placed in the perspective places of the future consumers. Future technology could consist of newer versions of security cameras and security scanners; with these being invented and placed the American citizens will have a better sense of security because they know that companies are taking the proper precaution to keep their business safe and also the American people due to the fact that cameras and scanners can be placed any and everywhere.

The future of technology for the police department could consist of automatic license plate scanners, video cameras placed at each and every corner, and newer versions of reading DNA; newer technology will also give the police officers and department newer ways to capture criminals and prevent crimes, which will also give the American citizens a sense of security and over all well being.

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