Fulfilment-Leading Choices And Consequences

In between life and death lies a gap that holds a world of possibilities. While the former offers fulfilment-leading choices and consequences, we are limited concerning the latter. Personally, an academic career ranks topmost amidst obvious alternatives; a journey to excellence whose next cap is doctoral studies.

I bagged a bachelor’s degree in Economics with a First Class (Honors); turning in an outstanding essay. The essay’s methodology provided me with insight into the empirical analysis of how global commodity price changes and capital movement impact the economic growth of Nigeria.

The next stride was a pursuit of a master’s degree in economics in a University ranking topmost in the field in Nigeria. Here, due to emphasis on research and academic integrity, tasks executed acquainted me with the use of software packages including E-views, SPSS, STATA, and GAMCIDE and proven team-work skills. Both the undergrad essay and the master’s thesis had a grade of A. To achieve my goal of becoming a leading economist from Africa, I believe it is essential I undertake doctoral studies to develop my analytical and quantitative skills.

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To achieve my academic goals, Center for Doctoral Studies in Economics (CDSE) presents as an excellent fit. CDSE possesses a global reputation built on excellence in sound theoretical assessment, research frontier expansion, and international collaborations. At CDSE, high premium is placed on academic proficiency oriented by an intellectually competitive and stimulating environment. My research interest in the field of international economics, public economics and applied econometrics stems from my drive to consolidate my previously acquired academic training and research prowess into a useful resource for the globalized economy and the academia.

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In order to achieve this, during my studies, I intend to seize opportunities that create an overall progressive experience in exploring my research interests and building an academic career network. Crucially, I will partake extensively in conferences, and strategically explore the international collaborative capacity of the Center. Since this capacity offers an unparalleled opportunity to network with minds appraising the validity of economics theories and discuss discovery and evolvement in various research fields from differing perspectives, I intend to visit institutions championing well-structured visiting research programs matching my research interests.

On completion of my PhD, I intend to play an extensive role in developing standards and framework governing world trade markets. How? I will continue policy-centered studies geared towards empirical research on trade theories and sustainable advancement in globalization while flourishing in training students in economic theory and quantitative analysis. Additionally, with the competencies to be acquired from CDSE, I hope to resourcefully facilitate a network of schools that will champion international trade reform studies across Africa with an aim of becoming a seasoned evidence-based policy advisor to international organizations.

Being up-to-date with world-class academic institutions at the cutting-edge of research, I am convinced that there are no impediments to excelling at the CDSE, hence I look forward to joining the program this fall.

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