Free Time and Leisure Activities Should Be Planned Out in Advance

Free time is simply the time spent from one's daily activities. Every individual spends his or her free time differently. Some choose to spend their leisure time without a plan while others prefer to go according to an agenda. I firmly agree with the first statement although we might not always get to plan. Planning ahead gives us several benefits. Research shows that planning is very essential for any activity. To begin with, Many people are often in haste and do not wish to waste their time.

They believe in planning free time activities according to an agenda or schedule for effective execution. Planning is essential to enjoy certain activities. For example, During the Christmas or Easter break one might want to visit the amusement park or travel somewhere due to the festive season, The fares are likely to be higher than usual but assuming we had planned earlier then we could either have saved up in order to afford the price or make our enquiries earlier.

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Therefore planning is necessary. For a number of reasons, some people prefer to spend their leisure activities freely without any plans. They also believe that planning is not mandatory and their free time should be different from their day to day activities where they have to meet up to tight deadlines. For example; some may spend their free time watching television until they are satisfied To sum up, planning provides us several benefits. It is very crucial to make the event successful. Planning also helps to make free times enjoyable and it helps us to save money but sometimes plans can get cancelled and we might have to make room for unplanned activities.

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