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When Disaster Strikes
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Dating back as early as the 1900’s era humanity has been unfortunate to have experienced the aftermath of natural disasters. However, natural disasters have forced society to adopt and create ways to anticipate and account for events as such. As disasters have occurred innovations were constantly being developed and implemented to accommodate the populace during both pre and post disasters. These same creative innovations would later be known and referred to and as Emergency Planning. The purpose of emergency planning…...
DisasterFloodNatural DisasterPolicyRisk ManagementSafety
The Importance Of The Three Strikes Law Criminology
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The three strikes law is a strict mandatory life sentence without parole on offenders convicted of felony crimes. These crimes include murder, robbery in which a deadly weapon was used, rape, or burglary. Differing opinions suggest that three strikes law is unfair and unjust because the law excessively affects African American and Latino men who have a higher representation throughout the criminal justice system. Others suggest that the three strikes law violates the Eighth Amendment of the Bill of Rights;…...
Criminology TheoriesStrikes
The pros and cons of the three strikes law
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Pages • 3
The three strikes law has passed in California with the intention of removing career criminals from the streets for good. Three felony convictions earn the defendant a sentence of life in prison, with little chance of receiving parole. While some believe that these measures are necessary, there are others who do not see the benefit. The three strikes policy is controversial because a person convicted of a minor felony can receive a life sentence. “Research shows that habitual offender sentencing…...
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Disadvantages of Labor Unions
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Ever since their initial establishment, there has been much dispute whether labor unions are a positive or negative social economic force in the United States. There are many disadvantages that labor unions pose on the individual, the organization, and society as a whole. This paper discusses the negative effect of having labor Unions in the United States. The union's top weapons, strikes, can be self-disastrous. The reason being is that "employers of striking workers have the legal right to continue…...
LaborLabor UnionsStrikes
Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back analysis essay
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Pages • 6
The movie The Empire Strikes Back is the fifth episode of the globally famous TV media franchise Star Wars. It has achieved the audience’s attraction and huge recognition on all the seven continents of the globe; this episode was filmed by an American movie director Irvin Keshner in 1980. It is considered to be the classics of its genre. The first draft of this episode was finished by a science fiction author Leigh Brackett in early 1978. In brief, one…...
Star WarsStrikes
The Radical Alien And The Winnipeg General Strike Of 1919
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Pages • 4
In the spring of 1919, the residents of Winnipeg witnessed the most traumatic and biggest general strike in the history of the Canadian labor force. It took almost six tense week of anxiety and fear for almost all business sector including banks, food delivery, telephones, power, water, fire services, and mail were either reduced or extremely cut off by the strike of non- union workers and local union members from the public and the private sector.  The strike was eventually…...
The Pullman Strike
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Pages • 9
Populism, an agrarian backlash against industrialism, fed on the economic problems of the era and created new urgency in labor activism. Toward the end of the Harrison administration, growing labor discontent led to several strikes, including a violent steel strike in Homestead, Pennsylvania, in July of 1892. Cleveland inherited the challenge of maintaining peace in a time when the patience and endurance of both labor and management were under severe strain. His leadership was especially tested during the Pullman Strike…...
Lightning Protection
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Pages • 5
Did you know that last year, in the United States, property loss due to lightning strikes exceeded one billion dollars? The average homeowner’s insurance paid $4,296 per lightning claim and an average of two hundred fifty thousand insurance claims were filed strictly due to lightning. In January 2003, the American Meteorologist Society issued a bulletin endorsing the lightning protection requirements embodied in the National Fire Protection Association Standard 780. Stating, “It is now well established that properly installed and maintained…...
Lucky Strike Rhetorical Analysis
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Pages • 4
Paper Type:Rhetorical essays
I chose to write about the "Reach for a LUCKY instead of a sweet" ad created by Lucky Strike cigarettes and how they appealed to the average American woman of the 1920's. We'll be going over what the average American woman of the 20's was as well as why they were so fascinated with smoking cigarettes. Didn't they know that cigarettes cause cancer? Didn't they know that they could die, and leave their loved ones behind because of cancer? Did…...
Reaction Paper: Made in Dagenham Film
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Pages • 1
In the film that we’ve watched entitled Made in Dagenham, we have seen how powerful strikes can be. It is done so that the rights of the workers will be upheld, and that, only upon compliance of the Legal Requirements may it be declared a valid strike. Many are the reasons why workers would engage in such an activity, one of which was the discrimination of gender which the film presented. We have also seen in the film how it…...
Derivatives Study Guide
Words • 1024
Pages • 5
1. Both forward and futures contracts are traded on exchanges. : False 2. Futures contracts are standardized; forward contracts are not. : True 3. The S&P500 index futures contract is a physical delivery contract. The pork bellies futures contract is a cash-settled contract. : False 4. An American option can be exercised at any time during its life. : True 5. A put option will always be exercised at maturity if the strike price is greater than the underlying asset…...
The Teacher’s Strike
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Pages • 4
It was April of 1990 when the teacher’s strike began and ended at the end of May of the same year. The teachers’ strike at our Boystown/ Girlstown in Manila where I studied High School was classified as one of the major crises in the life of the Sisters and our Founder, Msgr. Aloysius Schwartz. At first, Fr. Al misjudged the situation and treated it as nothing. But as it turned out, it was deadly serious. It became apparent that…...
Right of Lawyers to Strike in India
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Pages • 11
1. The Advocates Act, 1961. Introduction: The right to strike is one of the fundamental corollaries of the right to freedom of association. This right of association provides individuals the means to organise themselves into groups for the purpose of upholding mutual interests, and in general terms, it has come to mean the right of workers to organise themselves into autonomous and representative groups for demanding their basic rights from their employees. Workers dissatisfied with the existing conditions of work require…...
Disadvantages and Alternatives to Public Sector Strikes
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Pages • 15
Strike replacement occurs when employers hire or use individual to perform the work of employees on strike. In the United States, it is not unfair labor practice for employers to replace the striking workers with others in effort to carry on the company's business. Most other industrialized nations, however, do not allow permanent strike replacement. The United States is already unique among its trading partners in allowing permanent strike replacements and ban on permanent strike replacement would probably raise labor…...
The Great Railroad Strike of 1877
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Pages • 5
The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 began in the month of July and began in a town called Martinburg which was situated in the state of West Virginia. What lead up The Excellent Railway Strike of 1877 was a depression that started in September of 1873. The depression had a hang on the country that consisted of wage cuts, expulsions, breadlines, and layoffs. Many Americans suffered for the remainder of the year along with throughout the year of 1874. Although…...
Is Conflict Inevitable in the Employment Relationship?
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Pages • 7
The relationship between companies and staff members has actually long been the subject of prevalent research study and dispute within the organisation world. This work relationship can be defined as a complex system in which social, financial and political elements combine with a staff member who exchanges mental and manual labour for rewards assigned by the company (Encarta Encyclopaedia Deluxe. 2004). Industrial relations and personnel management advocates have typically held different views on the topic of organisational conflict. Many authors…...
The Causes and Effects of the Homestead Strike
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Pages • 7
The Homestead Strike was a very violent, but important event to the people of the American Business Industry. The violent act of a desperate businessman, in attempt to retain peace, killed many men. The infamous story of the Pinkertons changed the ways of American business agreements. The Homestead Strike changed the traditional American business environment by creating new laws and the awareness of the need for peace in business world. The Carnegie Steel Company was a successful factory, which employed…...
Andrew CarnegieStrikes
The position of workers in the period form 1875 to 1900
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Pages • 4
Late 19th century America was a time of both prosperity and poverty. Although it is often remembered by the luxurious lives of those like the Rockefellers and Carnagies, the majority of the population was a struggling working class. Entire families worked for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week in dangerous, unsanitary factories just to have enough money for dinner and the issue of upgrading these working conditions quickly came to the forefront of American reforms. The movement towards…...
How far was the failure of the general strike due to the actions of the conservative government?
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The general strike of May 1926 was not a success for those attempting to force the government to act to prevent wage reductions and worsening conditions for coal miners. Had the TUC been more prepared to strike and followed through with what the miners wanted them to do, the government would have been faced with a much tougher challenge. Despite this, even if the conservative government were faced with a tougher challenge, the preparations and subsequence actions taken by them…...
Mr Salomon Business Case
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Pages • 5
MrAron Salomon made leather boots and shoes in a large Whitechapel High Street establishment. His sons wanted to become business partners, so he turned the business into a limited company. His wife and five eldest children became subscribers 5 and two eldest sons also directors. Mr Salomon took 20,000 of the company's 20,006 shares. Transfer of the business took place on June 1, 1892. The company also gave Mr Salomon £10,000 in debentures6 (i.e., Salomon gave the company a £10,000…...
Theories on Employee Relations
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Pages • 13
Introduction        Conventionally, employees are deemed to strike for various reasons. From scholarly works, a strike is defined as suspension in production as the workers and their employers engage in the possible way of dividing the surplus that has been achieved within their relationship. (Metcalf and David, 1993) From modern perspective, strikes involves at least one of the arguing parties having some private information that they do not want the other party to get hold of about this…...
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When Disaster Strikes
...Several of these process or transparent to the populace so they are unaware of the work that goes into the development of these plans, a well thought out concise emergency plan is valuable at all levels to accomplish the overall mission at hand. When...
How far was the failure of the general strike due to the actions of the conservative government?
...Even if the TUC had been more radical with the strike, it is clear that the government were more than well prepared to deal with violence because of the special constables that they had and the Organisation for the Maintenance of Supplies that was re...

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