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SOAP Simple Access Protocol Computer Science Essay
Words • 2802
Pages • 12
SOAP stands for simple Access Protocol. The web waiter context of high public presentation calculating environment, mechanism message may be widely distributed.the portion of communicating stack, security & A ; extensibllity, they have based on extendible grade up linguistic communication ( XML ) , but this hapless public presentation is comparatively, the hapless choice to many high public presentations of webservers, soon new attacks to. Leverage multiple degrees of altering & As ; template based customized response. The coevals into…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputersSoapSoftwareSoftware EngineeringTechnology
Soap Note
Words • 254
Pages • 2
Pt. is an 83yo female admitted to hospital 10 days ago with dx of Bronchial Pneumonia. Admitted to SNF 2 days ago with balance and strength deficits. Pt. lives alone in a first floor apartment with 2 steps to enter with bilateral rails, and was relatively healthy prior to hospital stay. Pt. still drives and has a daughter who lives in the area. S. Pt. states ”I feel pretty good but am unsteady when I sit up in bed and…...
The Soap Opera Genre on British TV
Words • 1176
Pages • 5
The soap opera genre originated in American radio serials of the 1930's. (1) The soap opera is a genre originally drawn from radio rather then film. British soaps can be traced back to radio serials such as "Mrs Dale's Diary in 1948 to 1969 and "The Archers" in 1950. (2)Soap opera as a form is more popular then ever. At least five different programmes are regularly listed amongst the top ten audience ratings and historically it was conceived as being…...
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The British Soap opera
Words • 1054
Pages • 5
A soap opera is a view of life in the real world but played by actors. A soap opera can deal with real life situations and also which are happening at the moment. The producers do this to make us relate to each of the issues in the soap opera. The actual name, soap opera, came from the first ever soap opera, on radio, which was sponsored by a company called ' Lever brothers. ' This company was a maker…...
Analyzing Soap Opera Title Sequence
Words • 747
Pages • 3
Title sequences are used to introduce television programmes. They inform us that the program is about to start. Most title sequences only last 30 to 60 seconds in length. During this short sequence information is put forward about the setting, characters and possible storylines for the program. The title sequence needs to appeal to particular types of viewers and encourage them to stay watching. Therefore title sequences must be updated regularly. For example 'Neighbours' title sequence is updated every twelve…...
What makes a good soap opera?
Words • 753
Pages • 4
EastEnders is a soap opera which has been running for a considerable amount of time, more than 18 years. A soap opera, or a 'soap' is called this because when 'soaps' began in America as radio plays many years ago all of the adverts during the breaks of the plays were for soap powders, or cleaning products, and are therefore these dramas are referred to as soaps. EastEnders is set in a place called Walford; Walford is derived from Walthamstow…...
Opening sequence of two contrasting Soap Operas
Words • 903
Pages • 4
The opening sequence of a British soap The opening sequence of 'East Enders' seems to be slightly monotonous, the colours are made up of greys and blues. Straight away the title of the soap opera rolls onto the screen and a strong drumbeat takes a hold of the viewers attention. The drum sounds like a sudden heartbeat (the sort a person gets when they are taken aback by a certain situation) it seems that this is the effect they want…...
The importance of realism in British soap opera
Words • 1202
Pages • 5
Corrie, 'Enders and Brookie are all one. Family Affairs and The Archers are too. These shows are all a part of the great institution known as the British Soap Opera's. Originating from when they were U.S. daytime drama programs sponsored by soap manufacturers, they were aimed at 1930's housewives with Opera ironically mocking the storylines that were thought of as being trivial and domestic. Soaps have always remained melodramatic, outrageous and containing high emotional content. They explore the domestic and…...
An analysis of the conventions the soap opera genre
Words • 1004
Pages • 5
In this essay I intend to explore the genre of Soap Opera and some of the conventions that determine the genre. The Soap Opera genre is defined as "A serialized drama usually dealing with domestic problems". Eastenders and Coronation Street are prime examples of the Genre. Soap Operas originated in America in the late 1950's and started being shown in England in the late 1960's. Soap Operas are named after the sponsors of the shows were Soap Products. These shows…...
Most Effective Whitening Soap: Gluta or Kojic
Words • 1004
Pages • 5
INTRODUCTION We are now in a modern world. There is no possible in our high technology devices if we talk about beauty. But not only devices can renew an individual beauty. Our market such as beauty products is enhanced. Experts’ beautician developed different kinds of product that can rejuvenate us. One of those is the whitening soaps. They are formulated to answers the demand of the Filipino people. A lot of whitening soaps are produced in the market. Glutathione and…...
Procedures in Making the Soap Out of Pineapple Peel
Words • 628
Pages • 3
Last month, I and my group decided to pick "Pineapple skin extract as soap" as our I.P title yet we are unaware of the things that might come our way. We are planning to conduct an experiment tomorrow using the procedures that we guess will work.We have separate procedures for our ingredients: For our pineapple skin extract 1)Cut the pineapple skin into one-inch squares with a sharp knife. 2)Put the pineapple skins in a pot. Add water until the skins…...
Apple IncPineappleSoapWater
Saponification: Sodium Hydroxide and Soap
Words • 582
Pages • 3
1. Functions of Soap Soap mostly acts as a dirt remover and a cleanser. It is utilized in bathing, cleaning, and likewise as a lube. Oil, grease, and other types of dirt do not dissolve in water. Alternatively, soap can suspend these in such a method that it can be discarded through its capability to serve as an emulsifying agent. This emulsifying agent makes it possible for the dispersion of liquid into another immiscible liquid. In this way, oil does…...
Nirma Case Study
Words • 343
Pages • 2
SUCCESS STORY Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel, the founder of Rs. 2500 crore (US$ 500 million) “NIRMA” group. Believed in value for money equation Sells 8,00,000 tonnes of detergent powder every year Market share of 35% Market Size : Market Size Closest threat to HUL with 35% market share. Nirma and Nima with 32 variants are distributed through more than 2 million retail outlets, generating gross sales in excess of Rs.2600 crore. The company has reported 4% drop in sales and 13%…...
Case StudySoap
Chocolate Soap Feasibility Study
Words • 3789
Pages • 16
This chapter is where you will be able to read the entire description of the Des chocolate soap physically, and substantially. The proponents also gave emphasis on the benefits the consumer could gain upon using the product which is the smoothness of the skin. This is also where they can see the demand and supply analysis as well as the price study of the product. Product Description The product is chocolate soap. It shall be named Dés as a play…...
How to Make Camias Prunes and Soap?
Words • 554
Pages • 3
Procedure: To make candied kamias, begin by sorting fruits according to size and eliminating the spoiled or damaged ones. 1. Weigh and wash the fruits. 2. Soak them overnight in lime solution (one tablespoon lime per one liter of water). This process will firm up the fruits. Again, wash thoroughly in running water to remove lime. 3. Blanch fruits in boiling water for three to five minutes and drain. 4. Prick the bottom part of kamias with a fine toothpick and…...
Soap Operas
Words • 302
Pages • 2
In our life soap operas are very popular. Many people find them enjoyable and realistic, but some people don’t think so. There are as much opinions about soap operas as people. I can’t say that soap operas are good or bad. I think that there are some advantages and disadvantages and now I will discuss them. On the one hand, soap operas can help us have a good spare time, because usually they are very interesting and true-to-life. Another good…...
Mestiza Whitening Soap
Words • 2071
Pages • 9
Whitening Soap have the distinct smell and have usually and orange color. Papaya also contains enzyme that will give our skin more refreshing. Papaya soap contains three main ingredients; papaya extract, papaya juice, and pulp. The three ingredients will be combine during the soap manufacturing. Vitamins C and A are highly concentrated in most papaya fruits, along with beta carotene and an enzyme called papain, an enzyme that helps digest proteins. The vitamins in papaya are often nourishing for the…...
Rhetorical Analysis on Lux Toilet Soap Ad
Words • 787
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Rhetorical essays
A 1954 ad for Lux Toilet Soap states, “Luscious is the word for Greer Garson’s complexion and she keeps it that way with Lux Toilet Soap. ” This statement is an example of how emotional appeal is used in the ad to grab the reader’s attention. The advertiser uses character appeal by including information about Garson’s success in the ad to make the reader want to use the product. Logical appeal is used when a refund is offered to leave…...
Sudsy Soap
Words • 1265
Pages • 6
Question 1: Assume that you are Frank Johnson’s assistant, and he asks you to look into various scheduling problems that might occur. List and discuss them. Scheduling Problems: - Lead time: First of all; Starting date of this partnership wasn't mentioned; however; assume we are in month of June; According to the proposal the promotion will start by October 5th so prior to this date they should be ready with Soap and dishes taking into consideration that delivery time of…...
InventoryProduct LiabilitySalesSoap
Soaps and Detergents: Making and Testing
Words • 2964
Pages • 12
The goal of this project was to make, and test four soaps, and two detergents. The purpose of making four different soaps and two detergents was needed in order to decide which one would be best for the environmental group to use in the future that would allow for the safest cleanup of an oil spill while not harming the animals or the environment in the process. It was necessary to test the impact of the four soaps and two…...
Oil SpillSoapTesting
Lux Soap Marketing Project
Words • 2538
Pages • 11
Executive Summary Unilever is a multinational customer item manufacturing giant operating in over hundred countries all around the world. Unilever Bangladesh is the Bangladesh chapter of Unilever, where the company holds 60.75% share whereas the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh holds 39.25% share. Unilever's one of the most popular brand name is LUX. They segments LUX.'s market according to geographical places. It further differentiates these sectors into Socio Economic Cluster (SEC) which considers the criteria of education and occupation…...
Market SegmentationMarketingSoapTarget Market
Barthes Essays
Words • 463
Pages • 2
In the short article "Toys" (1957 ), Roland Barthes declares that modern toys are conditions kids to gender roles they are anticipated to demonstrate. Barthes supports his claim by explaining that toys are imitations of everyday adult things and comparing these toys to a wood set of blocks that promotes imagination and toughness. His function is to raise awareness about the misconceptions of toys and the important things they represent in order to make people review the types of toys…...
Guava soap for investigatory project
Words • 804
Pages • 4
Nowadays people are focusing in herbal plants especially those who are common in the environment. One of the examples is the guava plant (Psidium guajava Linn). Based on research this plant is good for healing and treating wounds and other skin infections. So in this project, the researcher wants to make a bathing soap out of it. People, researchers, scientists were focusing to medicinal plants. They want to prove that there are plants that are more effective against diseases especially…...
Feasibility Study on Whitening Soap
Words • 557
Pages • 3
I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With today’s generation being very conscious of their skin, both men and women are faced with the problem of choosing different kinds of whitening products. As students that are looking for other ways to earn money, our group has come up with the idea of making a whitening soap that not only serves its main purpose of whitening but also give the users the satisfaction of using soaps that have great scents and are appealing to the…...
BeautyMarketingSoapTarget Market
Guava Extract Soap
Words • 1091
Pages • 5
Significance In discovering a cure for the said issue, we performed a research study and we discovered out that there are natural compounds that can contribute in treating these sort of problem. Natural substances that are utilized for making soap are better than chemical-based products. I. Introduction II. Abstract III. Declaration of the Problem This study identified the effectivity and practically of 4 Season Fruits in making a homemade facial soap. It sought to address the following concerns: IV. Hypothesis…...
Soaps and Detergents
Words • 306
Pages • 2
The results of the soap tests indicate an unsuccessful synthesis of soap. Minimal amount of foam was observed from any the tests. It was expected that foam would be presents in DI water, but decreased in CaCl2 or Trisodium because it makes the water a “hard water” and causes the soap precipitate, make it ineffective. As seen from the results, the synthesized detergent is effective in both soft (DI) and hard (with CaCl2) waters. When the salts were added, no…...
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What makes a good soap opera?
...By dealing with every day issues EastEnders teaches us many things and may even help to socialise younger people. EastEnders is very popular due to all of the points mentioned, but also because of constant new characters being added to the soap for e...
How to Make Camias Prunes and Soap?
...Place three plates in a freezer... after about 10 minutes of boiling place a tsp of the liquid of the jam onto the cold plate. Return to freezer for a minute. Run your finger through the jam on the plate... if it doesn't try to run back together (if ...

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