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First of all, human is actually much more responsible to many extinctions of species. According to researches done by WWF (world wide fund of nature) human led extinction is about 100-1000 times higher than what the nature decided. For example: Raphus cucullatus or better known as Dodo birds. This is a type of flightless bird. It once lived on the island of Mauritius before extinction. In September 1598 a crew of Dutch sailors was caught in a storm and they drifted on sea for three weeks long weeks until they found Mauritius, at that moment they’ve ran out of food. As a result, they started hunting them down for food. Later on, more people were curious about the taste of dodos and came to Mauritius to hunt for them and even steal their eggs to eat. Due to over hunting of dodos at the year 1681, which is only 83 years later the dodos went out of sight in the world.

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