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FAQ about Measure for Measure

What Is the Measure of True Honesty in a Person
...In the moral, in the truly moral, the conviction and the principles of the individual have more weight than the law itself. Socrates also demonstrated it at his trial, he preferred to die, rather than escape from his captors, he could actually do it,...
Shakespeare Uses Imagery to create both Characters and Their Environment. Show how he does this in Measure for Measure and with what Effects
...Earlier in the play The Duke mentions, "The needful bits and curbs to headstrong jades..."(i.iii.21), which again repeats the image of the need to curb the anarchy that the neglect of Vienna's strict rules has brought. Restraint of "scope" is the ima...
How does Shakespeare interest his audience with both the moral debate and the action on stage in Measure for Measure?
...However it seems that Shakespeare is indeed punishing his characters as all these marriages seem destined to be unhappy both that between Angelo and Mariana and Lucio and the misfortunate prostitute "Marrying a punk, my lord is pressing to death/Whip...
What do you find dramatically interesting about Shakespeare’s presentation of the Duke in the play Measure for Measure?
...In conclusion I believe Shakespeare introduces dramatic tension to the play via the Dukes dublatandro character. We see the flaws and the disorder of government through the eyes of the Duke. The Dukes conversations and devious plans outline the natur...

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