Founding of LCS With the Support of Valuable Philanthropists

LCS has been founded with the support of Valuable philanthropic individuals in the early 1980s. LCS is boarding school dedicated to the education of talented children all over the country with limited opportunities. At the campus, the students are not only having an academic education, but they also show pride in help their community in various extra-curricula activities. Discipline is an important point at the school. As all the other classes before, the 15th class has shown a great respect for the discipline established at the school, they have showed how the follow directions while taking initiatives.

This graduated has played good role model for the youngest, they have played their role as great leaders for the others.

Although so young, we are assured they will continue to project the image of leaders we will need for the future; we are confident that the discipline they’ve gathered at the campus will continue to guide them outside of our walls. The class was not only excellent in respecting the discipline and helping others respecting them, but their enthusiasm to involve in the community life was extraordinary.

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Twice a week, always with enthusiasm the class was ready to participate in the community services at the children center to help the staff take care of the small children who did not have the opportunity to enjoy the love of their parents. They do it with love and respect. On Fridays, they never complain when it is time to go for their translation tour at the community hospitals to help the foreign doctors like our visitors who come to help the ones with less opportunity to have heath care support.

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These young Human beings are very dedicated in serving others, they assimilated the school’s mission that is based on service to others for a society with more fairness and justice. The presence of our guests in such in occasion to see one of the beautiful parts of our operations, and to bring their support is another sign that our light will continue to bright for more children in need of our help. Their presence is a form of encouragement for our staff in general, local and international, to show them that they are not alone in this great work. Without visit like yours today, this light might not have existed today, this great smile on the faces of these children might have been faded. Being with us means a lot to us, and we feel very honored.

To this 15th class, you are moving to a different level in your lives; the school administration, the teachers, the support staff, your parents, all your friends here today and our distinguished guests are happy and that is why we are here to celebrate with you. We are also here to tell you that the challenges are not over, you might need to face even greater challenges, but keep the confidence you have always showed during your time on the campus. Face life with confidence, push away your fears, keep the values you have gathered here and most important share them around you.

The way has been paved by classes before you, but you also have a big responsibility to continue to be the good models for those coming after you. Continue your studies and don’t forget that whatever you are doing, you are not only doing it for yourselves but also for the world. The country count on you, we are proud of you and we know you are capable of great accomplishments. Our guests are coming from very far after what they have heard about you. They come to bring their inputs into this great accomplishment, let’s make them even more proud to go share the word. Remember LCS will always be your home and you will always have the support of all this group coming to support you today. Go shine and let the world know there is hope for the future.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021
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