My Most Valuable Possessions Essay

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My Most Valuable Possessions

The world today is full of ways to keeps us busy, distracted, and stressed. We all have to find ways to manage these in our lives, often this happens because of special items in our lives that have a special importance to us. Maybe these items are very different from person to person. For me, my most valuable possessions are my family and friends, my health, and my self-confidence. Each one has a unique quality that helps me to manage the distractions and stresses that life presents to me. Have we ever sit down and ask ourselves theses questions: “Who are we?”, “Why do we come to this world?”, and “What is the most important in our lives?” All of these answers are varies according to our purpose of lives. In addition, if someone comes and asks me those questions, I will tell them my family and friends are so important to me because they are the closest people in my life. They know me better than anyone else and of course they will be there for me when I need them.

Because of that, I make them the priority in all I do. It is easy for me to always choose my family before work or any other activities I am involved in. However, I also make time in my busy life to spend time with friends and family members. My family is the only family I have and I value them because they cannot be replaced. When I am dealing with work, school, and all the other distractions that stress my life, it is nice to escape with a group of friends and does something that is very productive such as go to eat, watch movie, or relax a little at a bar. My friends and family really help me reduce stress in life which helps me stay healthy. Then, I am very fortunate to have a good health and rarely get sick. My good health is valuable to me and I recognize the importance of living a healthy life.

Being healthy, I know that I have the ability to achieve my goals, be successful, and earn the money that is needed to do everything else in life. Because of this, I strive to eat healthy foods and take a little time each day to exercise in order to keep my body and mind in shape as well as encourage people around me to do the same. Living a healthy lifestyle allows my body to easily handle working and other physical stresses that someone on an unhealthy path might struggle with. Next, my health and having a close group of friends and family has help to build my confidence. I know that I have the support and the physical ability to accomplish anything I want to do.

Self-confidence is so valuable to me because someone with confidence can be a strong leader when needed and can deal with a difficult or stressful situation much easier. In addition, being confident with myself has made me stand out as better employee at work and a better student at school. In brief, life presents another challenge we have to overcome. With the right tools, it can be much easier to deal with these difficulties and stresses. My success is a result, in most part, because of my family and friends, my health, and my self-confidence. Because of these three items, I know I will have a great life, and that is why these are my most valuable possessions.

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