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For Qantas the environment that is sustainable to them is

For Qantas, the environment that is sustainable to them is very important. they have a proud tradition of innovation in environmental sustainability. They have made great progress in environmental protection and have also received a lot of praise. Qantas ‘commitment to environmental sustainability shows its commitment to the environment. Qantas’ goal is to save electricity and water by 20%, reducing plastic use by 30%. In addition, they cut down on fuel and emissions by 50% to 2050. Qantas plans to report the project on annual carbon disclosure and disclosure.

Qantas also installs recycling bins in all major airport terminals, they started a program to dispose of waste products in the corporate office and donated uniforms to charities used in the production of pillows and mattresses. Additionally, Qantas reduce fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions, they also have a voluntary carbon compensation program to tackle climate change and protect wildlife. Moreover, Qantas also participates in the ZooX Ambassador Program and supports research efforts to understand the impact of climate change on Coral Reef.

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they are sponsors of the Cairns Turtle Recovery Center on Fitzroy Island, dedicated to the care of sick and injured sea turtles NORTH KIMBERLEY FIRE ABATEMENT PROJECT and many other projects.

Qantas deploys the world’s first “zero waste” flight. May 9, 2019. About 1,000 disposable plastic items have been replaced by Qantas with eco-friendly items, such as sugar containers made from sugarcane, and utensils made from cornmeal. Australia’s Qantas has launched the world’s first “zero-waste” commercial flight as part of its effort to cut disposable plastic products.

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In addition, boarding passes and luggage tags are converted into digital data. This environmentally friendly solution will help Qantas reduce about 34 kg of waste/flight from Sydney to Adelaide and about 150 tons of waste per year. Qantas is planning to implement this initiative on its other flights with the goal of cutting 100 million disposable plastic items each year by the end of 2020. Instead, the company will put in use 45 million cups, 30 million spoon and fork made from environmentally friendly materials. I believe that taking care of the environment now is not only concerned of people but also for investors because when a business they care about the environment that means they care about sustainable business, this will make businesses grow in the long run. The sustainable environment also helps businesses reduce costs, help businesses operate effectively and improve productivity.

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