Firstly I would like to state that the topic that I have

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Firstly, I would like to state that the topic that I have chosen is Silk Road and I am going to explain my ideas and knowledge about this topic. I will refer to the following topics respectively; the Silk Road history, the Silk Road trade's prominence in terms of Europe and Turkey, Is the Silk Road a tool for global sovereignty and economic independence, China and values, the general structure of China: the administration "communism", China's global responsibility and finally the One Belt-One Road Project.

The history of the Silk Road is based on years ago. This road, which is the bridge between China and Europe, was a key point of trade. Thanks to this crucial road, Western culture hasentered connection with Far East culture and the foundation of the today's civilizations had formed. The history of the Silk road includes long processes. The events that this trade route has witnessed in history are quite excessive because it has witnessed the establishment and demolition of the countries or declaration of their independence.

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It is the most famous ancient trade route starting from China in Asia, to the Anatolia and Mediterranean and extending to Europe. Besides, Silk is an essential material for the industry. The Egyptians and Romans has bought silk from China. This trade's transportation has provided by caravans over the Silk Road. The Silk Road is momentous for Turks. Turkey's location is also very important for this trade route because Turkey has found the necessary market and trade area and have a right to speak with some of the materials that were taken from the East to the West by way of the Silk Road such as spices,porcelain, paper etc.

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Not only that, the Silk Road has helped people in cultural interaction. Thus, the Silk Road should not be considered only as a trade route because through this way, people have spread their religions, languages, cultures, technologies and arts to different geographies. On the other hand, Europe has resorted to different ways of improving itself in the trade route. The Silk Road has served the Eastern culture on a silver platter to the Western culture and it was a great opportunity to learn innovations. Today, the Silk Road is put the clock back to improve it. In such a case, the countries in the region will obtain a new economic resource with revitalisation of the Silk Road. This project has a great proposition for the development of international relations in a different way. UNESCO and other organizations have provided all the support for the region. The Silk Road is an important tool for global economic independence.The reason of this situation is obvious because the routes of the Silk Road include three continents altogether.Asia, Europe and Africa are directly affected by this route. These continents are the oldest continents of the geography. Therefore, the underground and aboveground treasures are quite extensive of these continents. On the other side, there is a contradiction between countries about using these treasures equally. Some of the European countries and Far Eastern countries use these resources. Africa, Arab and Middle East countries do not use resources adequately. China and India are leading the world with population and growing economy. They are also taking steps to develop the Silk Road.In marine, an important branch of trade, Europeans have improved themselves. During thisperiod, they went forward in colonialism in Asia and Africa. Other countries have opposed colonialism, but it is too late for the exploited countries.Africa and the Middle East have suffered for its negative sides. China and other states, which want to benefit from the economic power of Silk Road, have taken new steps to develop this road.These steps are as follows: It is necessary to determine the Silk Road will pass through in which routes, the existing transportation infrastructure of these countries should be examined, necessary deficiencies should be determined and made new and usable, old historical buildings should be restored, financial assistance should be provided to backward countries and liberty of trade should be given. In addition, assistance should be provided from the necessary departments of the universities and significance of the Silk Road should be indicated by working with university's some certain departments such astourism, history, anthropology and so on.These issues are very important for the Silk Road and other countries because in the globalizing world, technology and industry are more developed and advanced than the old times. Countries should endeavor to revitalize the Silk Road. For instance, two countries on the Silk Road will make a major contribution to the regional economy by using this trade route. In addition to this, passengers will visit hostelries, caravansaries and markets. The high possibility of shopping will vitalize people. China has followed a path that balances communist ideology and Western liberalism since the middle of the 20th century. In an economic sense, it has become one that will challenge the world. It has had the right to comment on something in the world with his balanced policy and intelligent strategies.China's president Cinping stated that they are expecting a wealthy economy for other countries and waiting for the necessary help in order to make real it. As it is understood from this, the Chinese presidentmakes the main goal of bringing global trade to the top with a very peaceful and common political approach. In terms of China and others, the Silk Road's prominence is remarkable. China will bring vitality to trade because of the Silk Road project.In addition, South and Southeast Asian countries will directly contribute to China's economic structure. After 1850s, China adopted the industrial and developmental economic model.With the Silk Road project of the Chinese government, it is expected that the contribution to the economy will reach the highest levels by using the traditional trade route. In the 21st century, economic relations in international relations differ from country to country. The commercial power in production and consumption has shown a change and it get in return for the global economy. The Asian continent has become the new economic center of the world and in this sense, China did its best to be the new trade center of Asia.These strategies of China have created economic and political pressures on the European Union.China has been aiming to be global from regional and it has made important initiative starting from its infrastructures. China also approach this strategy with the One Belt-One Road Project and it has made an endeavor to involve the other countries in this project. China has been intimidating the United States and the European Union with this project after the lack of adequate support for world financial reform. The importance of the Silk Road for countries is that sufficient trade potential will raise at the upper levels, so it will be left to trade legacy to future generations. It is the most famous trade route in the world starting from China and extending from Anatolia and Mediterranean to Europe. The Silk Road has become a way for sages, armies, religions and cultures from east to west and from west to east. Before Christ the Egyptians and the Romans bought silk from the Chinese. Silk, also contributed to the recognition of the Eastern culture by the West. The transportation of the spice with the silk of the East to the west has created trade routes from China to Europe. In the Middle Ages, the caravans traveled from China to Kashgar of Uzbekistan, followed by the first of the two routes, from Afghanistan to the Caspian Sea and the other through Karakurum, reaching Anatolia by Iran. They would go to the Mediterranean and Black Sea ports or to Europe by road. The caravan roads, which have the intention of transporting silk, porcelain, paper and spices, as well as cultural exchanges between continents, have been named as the Silk Road. The Silk Road is not only a trade route connecting Asia to Europe, but also has been a sign of cultures and religions in the region since 2000. After the independence of the Turkish states in Central Asia, the Silk Road was revitalized both as a trade route and as a historical and cultural value. The links between China and Europe are based on ancient times. These connections, which were based on exchange of information and exchange of goods in the early days, contributed to the establishment of diplomatic relations. Mediated connections could not show continuity. There have also been times when trade and information exchange have not been achieved for a long time.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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