Fast food position paper Essay

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Fast food position paper

America, also known as the “Land of Opportunity” is just that. Many people have seized the opportunity to buy a piece of the American Dream, by starting a variety of businesses, franchises, and other personal ventures. The Fast Food Industry is a perfect example as it can range from small private owned restaurants to large franchises bringing in millions of dollars per day. These restaurants offer a vast variety of foods for the indulgence of their customers with options as far as the eye can see. However, the success of this industry does not come without a price. Because of the severity of the health risks including destructive eating patterns associated with fast food consumption, owners should take personal responsibility in protecting consumers from the harmful ingredients served in their restaurants. The fast food industry’s irresponsibility of serving harmful ingredients to the public and disregard for overall consumer health in America is directly responsible for our nation’s epidemic of obesity related illnesses leading to death and should be penalized under law as neglectful practices.

Many consumers enjoy the many varieties of fast food offered as they appeal to every taste, culture, and guilty pleasure and can be very easily obtained. The option of getting any ethnic food, at any time, with ease of convenience is looked upon as a great privilege and a luxury. However, due to such a vast (and continually expanding) number of these restaurants, there is a direct connection linking these foods to many eating disorders. Abusive eating habits contribute largely to the massive intake of fast food in our country often leading to frequent and destructive overeating. Many scholars and researchers are defining this food as being addictive. This type of food is designed to stimulate overeating, typically by using a combination of sugar, salt and fat, all shown by research to be addictive. The ingredients of fast food tend to be of poor quality and unappetizing, the addictive ingredients ensure a huge turnover of high calorie food, which can lead to obesity and poor nutrition.

Many eating disorders are often developed in this place of excess. Binge eating involves consuming a large amount of food in a short space of time. Many restaurant owners believe that it is the individual consumer’s responsibility to make the decision of what they purchase and consume thus leaving them free from responsibility. They wash their hands of responsibility in a sense, crediting the customer’s ability to make wise decisions. They believe that they are not “forcing” anyone to do anything against their will, but only creating options in this land of opportunity. I believe that there should be responsibility taken on the parts of owners, managers, and manufactures in the fast food industry. There needs to be some sort of consideration and concern for the overall health of the public consumer.

Owners should take responsibility for not only the cleanliness of the facility but the content of the food as in relation to excessive sodium, fat intake, and sugar overload. If every individual owner took this additional step, the health of many Americans would not be jeopardized every day. The Fast Food industry is one that has made up a large part of America’s economy and culture. In our “microwave” society, we are faced with food options seemingly on every corner. We have unlimited choices and pleasures from every food category. However, with all of this freedom of choice, many consumers tend to be unaware of the harmful ingredients used to prepare what we so enthusiastically embrace.

Over time, these foods lead to diseases often causing death. The consumption of fast food presents us with an underlying issue on a much larger scale. Many of the food ingredients served in this industry are unhealthy leading to obesity related diseases often leading to death. The food most often consumed at fast food restaurants, hamburgers, tacos, fried chicken and French-fries, is loaded with sodium, saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol and calories. Many health risks are directly associated with an excess of these ingredients listed above. While Fast Food businesses flourish, the overall health of their consumers is compromised. It is vital to understand the effects of these foods so we can make more informed decisions for ourselves and our families.

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