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Why has Fashion photography altered and established over the years? Style has actually been depicted differently throughout the years, this is because of the method that technology has advanced and established and how viewpoints and reactions towards new and various art types have been accepted more. Fashion is now promoted in the most unique ways, where the setting of the photo is now a really significant aspect, nowadays the setting of the photograph can be seen as simply as important as the actual style subject in the picture, whereas prior to the setting of the photo was not so crucial and what was actually being promoted was what was most focused on the most.

This is just one example of how fashion photography has actually altered and in this essay I will be searching in depth how style photography has established and altered. To establish how and why style photography has actually altered and established over the generations it is essential to specify fashion photography.

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According to Wikipedia, Style photography is a category of photography devoted to displaying clothes and other style items.

Style photography is frequently performed for advertisements or style publications such as Style, Vanity Fair, or Elle. This was the primary and initial function for fashion photography back in the very first decade of the 20th century. In the first years of the 20th century. Advances in halftone printing enabled style photographs to be featured in magazines, this is a significant aspect regarding why fashion photography started to become typical.

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The first genuine example of fashion photography originates from Edward J Steichen in 1911, he photographed designs wearing gowns for a publication and created the contemporary fashion photo shoot. [11] In the early 20th century the magazine industry welcomed style photography as a tool for offering an excellent lifestyle, and with it clothing and devices. This style of photographing clothing, footwear and accessories to market and sell is what still runs in photography still to this day.

Fashion photography was seen as the latest craze, it was a new thing to everyone casuing the general public to be amazed. Seeing clothes adverised through photographs impressed a lkot of people, it also brought about modelling, people now looked at fashion for entertainment. There were also minor advancements in technology which allowed fashion photography to take place. For example minor advancements in photographing colour and advances to lenses, increasing their distance. Fashion photography was the way it was due to the technology improvements and the different and encouraging attitudes towards it. People saw it as a good thing and as people became interested in it, it motivated the production of fashion photography. Past fashion photography is not too different from modern photography. In the sense that modern fashion photography has not really changed so much, this is mainly due to the fact that technology has only advanced a little. Past fashion photography however has changed a lot since the beginning of fashion photography.

This is because from 1900 onwards technology and attitudes advanced and developed a lot. There were numerous additions to the world of photography which allowed fashion photography to develop. Fashion photographers started to take into account the setting of the shoot; they started to experiment more with lighting, setting and other elements to produce a good photography. After the Second World War fashion photography was taken in a brand new direction. It was Richard Avedon that made this huge change as he had a new modernistic style to the way he took his photos. This more modern take then began to put an end to the more classic style and it made a sweeping effect on fashion photography. Marilyn Monroe is a classic exanple of how celeibrities changed fashion photography. She was used to as a model, and because she was so famous and known to ther public people became interested in the things she was modelling and therefore bought it.

Past fashion photography has developed due to technology advancements and the commoness of celebrities. As celebrities became more common, peoplpe started to see who they saw as role models. They would wanna buy things that their role models are wearing. Modern Fashion photography is very different to how it was in the past. Modern fashion photography is all about trying to do something different to the usual to try and interest the audience. Fashion photography takes a more surreal approach to things nowadays. Technology has developed very much; there are many different types of cameras, lenses, lights and software that can be used to create a perfect image. Photographers now manipulate their images in software programs like Photoshop to sometimes even add or remove to the photograph.

Photoshop is used to rectify any imperfections with the image to create a perfect photograph. In this Image Photoshop was used to create the effect that the subject in the image had moved very fast. It was also used to blur certain parts of the image to create a focal point in the image. Modern fashion photography differs because photographers aim to be extraordinary with their work, they know that extra ordinary will interest the audience much more It is extremely evident that fashion photography has changed and developed throughout the years, however there is not just reason. It is clear that fashion photography has changed and developed because of advancements in technology, change in attitudes and the introduction of celebrities. These are all combining factors to the development of fashion photography.

Bibliography Elegance: The Seeberger Brothers and the Birth of Fashion Photography by Sylvie Aubenas

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