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IntroductionCurricular activities in a school play a vital role
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IntroductionCurricular activities in a school play a vital role in providing knowledge and experiences to the children. For every child to grow up as a successful individual and they have to put some effort from their childhood things such as academic activity and mental health can be considered good effort but extracurricular activity is the vital one. That's why extracurricular activities should be encouraged in schools. As well it creates the opportunity of socialization, helps in academic performances and develops…...
My Extracurricular Activities In School
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Introduction Nowadays, students not just study but also learn other things through extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are those that are not directly related to the general purpose of school education which is to teach students academically per se it teaches students variety of things that later on becomes their hobbies or interest like learning sports, cooking and etc. Extracurricular activities is said to have many good impacts on a student’s life whether it is academically or socially. Joining this activities…...
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