Evaluate and Improve Own Performance in a Business Environment

1.1 Explain the purpose and benefits of continuously improving own performance in a business environment. This improves the quality of my work which in turn proves that I am capable of further responsibility. More experience and responsibility could be useful in gaining future job roles.

1.2 Explain the purpose and value of encouraging and accepting feedback from others. The purpose of feedback is to let me know what I am doing is correct or indeed incorrect as the case may be sometimes. It’s as useful to know you are doing things well and in the fashion expected as well as the areas that require amendment or improvement.

1.3 Describe ways of evaluating own work. I regularly ask my line manager and the managers for whom I administrate for feedback regarding my work performance. Also although I find it hard to self critique I try to note my own weaknesses and improve upon them, seeking training if necessary.

1.4 Explain the purpose and benefits of trying out possible improvements to own work.

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It is important to test out all possible improvements to make sure the method I finally choose to do the task in hand is the best and most appropriate.

1.5 Evaluate how learning and development can improve own work, benefit organisations, and further own career. Learning and development will improve my own work as it brings new skills to light and should give me a better understanding of what I am doing. Through picking up new skills, I could realise I am better able to do a job I previously felt under-qualified for, thus identifying new career options both internally and externally.

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It could benefit CitySprint as it means that I am better qualified and should have a better understanding of my job role.

1.6 Compare possible career progression routes. I believe the standard progression route from my current career, would be towards a senior admin role, and then eventually a management position. However having previously managed people I know this is not my forte’ so I would probably look at extending and improving the skills I have learnt in Excel, Access and our own reporting software and consider some kind of sidestep into the Business Analysis team.

1.7 Describe possible development opportunities. After completing my level 3 in Business and Administration I can possibly look for an internal move within CitySprint or externally at jobs in various sectors where they need administrators, ultimately a move to a new job, where I can best use my skills, talents and capabilities. So by developing my skills I can look at possible interesting careers and sectors that I might be interested in and develop my opportunities in securing a new position.

1.8 Justify the value of developing a learning plan. A learning plan is a way for me to set individual targets and record achievements. It helps me to keep on the path towards where I want to be in my life and my career. The reason for making a plan is to help me to be further in charge of of my future, by reminding me what I have learned and achieved. Creating my plan will help me develop more confidence in my ability to tackle new things.

2.1 Encourage and accept feedback from other people – Claire, Chrissie.

2.2 Evaluate own work and use feedback from others to identify areas for improvement.

2.3 Identify changes in ways of working needed to improve work performance.

2.4 Complete work tasks using changed ways of working.

2.5 Evaluate work completed and changed ways of working for improvements and effectiveness.

3.1 Evaluate own performance and identify where further learning and development will improve own work.

3.2 Agree and develop a learning plan to improve own work performance, that meets own needs.

3.3 Follow a learning plan for improvement to own work.

3.4 Review progress against learning plan and make updates for improving own work and further learning. Evidence supplied for section 2 and 3 in feedback and PDP printed.

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Evaluate and Improve Own Performance in a Business Environment

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