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Ethics Applied to Employees

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Essay, Pages 12 (2924 words)



Essay, Pages 12 (2924 words)

Part 1:


Based on the cost-benefit analysis in Utilitarianism, if the company set up the new factory in undeveloped countries, numerical calculation should express like that benefits outweigh benefits> costs, that means the action is considered desirable. (Dreher, 2019,ppt6) Because undeveloped countries’ members are in the bottom position in Maslow’s hierarchy model, that means their first needs are Physiological needs. (McLeod,2018)They need food, water and other basic physiological things to alive. If the company set up the factory in these kinds of countries, the country can get money to buy their needs, thus the benefits from the company brings much more than it destroyed.

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At the same time, if the factory set up in undeveloped countries, the company will costs less in set up the un-polluted equipment. And the case provided four different ways to support their decision that located the new plant in a Third World country is overwhelming. The benefits brings much more than the costs they make if they set up the factory in undeveloped countries.

From this analysis, the action should consider desirable. (Dreher, 2019, ppt6)

From Kant’s ethical, respect for persons is another important elements of ethical reasoning. (Boatright, 2007, p57)It analysis from the case is that the company did not follow this ethical in their decision making. Because the company only thinks about their benefits thus they decide to set up factory in undeveloped countries instead, they don’t care about the persons who will get cancers in the future. That means they do not respect the other persons in the world except themselves.

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From the morality of the First Nation, it is their first belief to respect the earth. (Dreher, 2019, ppt5) in this analysis, the company does not respect the earth. The Earth belongs to everyone in the world, not only in developed countries, but also in human survival and activities on the same earth, if the factory is established in the Third World, it will still destroy the overall environment and ecological balance of the Earth, which is an important manifestation of disrespect for the Earth. If the company establishes a pollution factory in a third-party country, it will be completely contrary to the First Nations theory, judging from which the company outputs pollution as immoral behavior.

According to above ethical analysis, the most unacceptable is the Cost-Benefit Analysis Theory Based on utilitarianism, which is only based on cost-benefit instead of expanding the problem from other views. If it is only based on this theoretical analysis, it will not be able to be used as a reference basis. Second, the theoretical basis for respecting for people in Kant’s ethics, which is the theoretical basis that is more fit for this case analysis. Humanity first which will play an important role in the company’s moral decision-making, as a moral basis to stop improper behavior of the company. Third, the First Nation’s morality is the most important reference and presented to the company’s management department as a theoretical basis. There is only one earth. No matter where it is destroyed, it will eventually cause harm to the Earth, therefore, respecting the earth will stop corporate behavior as the most important moral argument.


From case 5.2 (Boatright, 2007, p109, 110), this case involves several aspects. First, the insurance agent does not really stand in the interests of the customer, who have to find insurance policies with excellent prices and excellent quality for customers. Second, based on cooperative agent relationship, Haverford provides high commission and emergency payment to the agency. If the insurance contract is failure to continue that will directly affect good relationship with insurance agency. Third, in order to achieve the financial interests of insurance broker companies, it is urgent for customers to make incorrect choices. From this problem, the insurance broker commission conflict of interest, the responsibility conflict between the customer and the insurance broker are the most important problems..Based on the analysis of the principle of rights and Justice (Boatright, 2007, p62-63), the main interest of customers is to enjoy excellent prices and services, which is the best embodiment of fairness and justice for customers. Distribution of benefits equity involved in distribution justice (Boatright, 2007, p62-63) in this case is specifically reflected on the customer’s requirement to use excellent prices as the choice criteria for future insurance companies. This is based on the customer’s funds and self-selection. At the same time, the right of customers is to strive for better prices for themselves. Based on this, the insurance agent should actively respond to the needs of customers, provide customers with different insurance companies and quotations according to the needs of customers. While providing customers with a list, the agent analyze the difference between the policy and the insurance company in detail for the customer. Agent should recommend that the customer take the insurance company with safety guarantee and preferential price as the preferred target, and explain to the customer the risk that the bad insurance company may not have ability to pay the insurance funds. In this way, conflicts of interest between customers and insurance agents and their companies can be solved.

From Universalism, the series should be for everyone and hedonism. (Boatright, 2007, p53) Everyone is the focus of universality. In this case, insurance agents should follow the principle of everyone to make the best arrangements for their own work, everyone’s principle and hedonism for customers are reflected on the best profits and best insurance policies for customers. For individuals and companies, both companies and individuals can sign insurance policies and get corresponding Commissions. The Agency is reflected in the efforts to obtain insurance policies for the Haverford, and continue to maintain good relations. According to this theoretical basis, insurance agents should make customers satisfied first, provide customers with policies that are selective and have good payment guarantee. At the same time, agents should let customers sign suitable policies and get the commissions they deserve. Second, based on the theory, in order to maintain a good relationship with the insurance company and get a high commission, the insurance agent should also negotiate with Haverford, hopefully they can reach a more appropriate pricing to meet the needs of long-term customers. Because the market commission rebate is 10%-15%, insurance agents can reduce their commission income ratio with the company, reduce the policy price and try their best to meet the needs of customers. In this way, the contradiction between insurance agents and Haverford can also be solved. For insurance agents and their companies, reducing the commission ratio will be lost in short-term profit, but they receive the profit is long-term income. Even if it is lost a little bit in commissions, the long-term contract with customers will bring stable income in the future. At the same time, it will also maintain good cooperation and win-win relationship with insurance companies. This result is based on the benefits brought by everyone and hedonism under utilitarianism, and it also solves the conflict of interest between insurance agencies and insurance companies.


Dear Dr. Zerbe,

First of all, I want to apologize for the fault I brought. Because I have a deep sense of pride in being a member of the FDU, and I don’t want to see any negative news about the FDU. Jimmy’s comments on Facebook made me feel extremely uncomfortable, although he is only stating the facts, he was not mixed with any personal words and insults. Because of my pride, I don’t want to see a negative impact on the FDU in any public comment. Thus I was out of irritation, I told Tommy about it. I didn’t know Tommy had a conflict with Jimmy before, I was shocked when Tommy told you about it and wanted to bring Jimmy in trouble. For this problem, I should state the corresponding facts for you, not the exaggerated facts described by Tommy. This is my fault, I am deeply sorry for this.

In my opinion, Jimmy just wanted to raise the salary level accordingly. Despite his critical tone, he did not belittle the matter. Because of my deeply pride in FDU, it is better for us to create a happier and better life for our employees. According to classification the theory of “greatest happiness for the greatest number” (Dunder, 2019, ppt4), where conditions permit, appropriately increasing the salary or treatment for employees will give employees a better and happier life. It will also give employees greater enthusiasm to cope with the different challenges in our FDU, at the same time, every employee of FDU will also be proud of our FDU. The work environment that would give employees happiness is also a place where I am deeply fascinated and proud of FDU. I like FDU, it brings me happiness. I hope Jimmy will like it too, and FDU will bring him happiness and pride. And then, respect everyone is what I am deeply proud of the FDU. Kantian said, “respect for persons” (Dunder, 2019, ppt9 ), respecting everyone’s decisions and conversations are the most valuable belief which makes me feel free and independent in FDU. I received everyone’s respect here, and I felt that even if Jimmy had this small mistake, our FDU’s respect for everyone’s traditions would tolerate him. When Jimmy understands, he will also like me to create a deep sense of pride and belonging from FDU.

I know that you are a wise leader and you will make the most informed decisions for this. I hope I will not have irreparable consequences for this matter because of my small negligence. I also believe that under your leadership, Jimmy will definitely have a deep dependence and pride in our FDU.

Best regards,


4.Q 11A)

A kind of argument appeals to the Kantian notions of human dignity and respect for persons. (Boatright,2007,p145) According to Kant’s theory, everyone should have their own respect and status, no matter what kind of race or gender he or she is. Disrespect for minorities and women goes against Kant’s everyone and respect the person’s theory. Discrimination puts this group of people in a low-income and disrespectful position in the whole society. Even if there are good people among them, they lose their due respect and status because of discrimination. Therefore, in Kant’s theory, discrimination is an incorrect moral action.

Arguments of another kind are based on the principle of justice. (Boatright, 2007, p145) According to Aristotle’s principle of justice as proportional equality (Boatright,2007,p145)Discrimination is unfair to the unique small group, everyone should have their own rights and interests in this world. The emergence of discrimination leads to the disappearance of these fair rights and interests among minority groups and women. Indeed racial and gender differences are not representative of the inefficiency, many of them are discriminated against and have lost their rights and interests. The specific kind of people have priority to work because of discrimination, even if their do not have abilities to handle the work. This is contrary to the moral concept of fairness and justice. The word discrimination contains the meaning of unfair.

Both Kant’s theory and justice theory, they all based on everyone in the world, and people-oriented. In this guidance, any behavior that violates the principle of people-oriented will be immoral. Especially discrimination, which is a vocabulary of demeaning, should be eliminated. Everyone should enjoy respect and fairness in this world. Depending on this common point which makes the two theories perfectly combined together that makes consistent judgments on discrimination.


Tiffany Kirk, 25, a Houston woman bartender described a male customer who left a note saying: I know where you can find a “good night “. (Lychee, 2017, case 2)

As a witness: Record and prove the actual situation of Tiffany after the incident, and remind Tiffany to keep the information note, and the witness was corrected when tiffany was to make court charges. If necessary, the witness should help Tiffany to talk with the restaurant owner and provide testimony. Also the witness can help to let the owner pay attention to this problem and protect female employees in their work places.

As an observer: Pay attention to Tiffany’s attitude and reaction to this matter and also pay attention to future developments. According to examples, if you have permission from Tiffany, you can edit articles and post in the public to give people alerts.

As a friend: Pay attention to Tiffany’s emotions and give her support according to her reaction. When Tiffany encounters difficulties in litigation, the friend should help Tiffany actively to seek witnesses, support and understand Tiffany’s decision. And strive for communication with the boss of Tiffany in order to avoid the same thing in the future. For example, with the permission of employees, establish camera monitoring equipment to monitor the bad behavior of customers, and if it happens bad things, the records can provide valuable court information for employees.

Although the examples are short, there still will be different understandings and practices for the three roles. Witnesses, because allegations may be involved, need to be recorded and observed carefully. As a bystander, the observer only needs to see clearly the process of development and give media support if allowed. However, friends have emotional positions, so they should give more support and understanding to this kind of thing. So if three parties work hard to help Tiffany deal with such problems with a positive attitude, and do a good job in psychological dredging and not fear the workplace. At the same time, they can report it to Tiffany’s boss to look forward for a better handling.


Construction companies, workers need to work at the construction site. Workers may encounter the following types of risks: they may get injured by road conditions, they may injury by improper mechanical operation, such as chainsaws and forklifts, elevators, excavators, etc. And they may be accidentally entered into unsafe places due to unclear safety signs, and even sometimes it will also be a fire caused by welding operations. These above will be the safety hazards of construction workers.

Hotel, hotel staff may encounter the following problems and risks: such as fire, harassment, staff being beaten or even hurt by guests.


First of all, safety training should be carried out for employees, specifically to each class of the company. Not only explain the importance about the knowledge, but also give workers a real awakening from the accident simulation, thus workers can truly realize the importance of safety and the danger of unsafe operation. Second, never work alone, always stay in the field with at least another person. (Zhu, 2019) And then, wear safety helmets, work boots, and goggles (Zhu, 2019) to prevent injuries caused by unknown objects, from being hurt by nails, And from hurting eyes with unknown objects. In addition, the safety rope should be attached to the high-altitude operation, and the safety rope should be fixed in a safe position. (Zhu, 2019) Prevent electric shock and strictly check the circuit before performing relevant work. (Zhu, 2019) Safe Operation of large equipment such as cranes and excavators (Zhu, 2019) Safe Operation of small machines and facilities such as electric saws, electric drills and ladders. (Zhu, 2019) Prevent the occurrence of fire (Zhu, 2019), all combustible items should be handled in a timely manner. Set up safety signs at any time and pay attention to traffic safety.(Zhu, 2019) For example, mark a color-conscious prompt for places where the dangers may occur. When you need to block traffic, show the command sign of stop and slow to direct traffic. Pay attention to the protection of toxic substances. (Zhu, 2019) Establish a clear system of emergency responsibility. (Zhu, 2019) If in an accident, the first time to inform who, who is the person in charge of the site, these must be clear and marked in a prominent position. (Zhu, 2019)Otherwise, it is easy to make a mess after the accident, delaying the prime time of rescue. (Zhu, 2019) From the above steps, the construction companies can implement in the Construction workers, strictly implement the steps, give the knowledge guidance for workers, and provide better protection for workers.

Regarding the hotel, we must first conduct safety training for employees, specific to each class of the company. Knowledge training for employees will be conducted with an example of situations that may be in danger of employees’ safety. Since the service system is the basis for room service work, it is necessary to be guest-oriented when formulating the service system, but give legal support and protection to employees under special circumstances. (n.d, 2018) For example, for fires, give regular training and guidance to employees, and effectively organize employees and guests to escape from the hotel in the event of an accident. Through carefully designed emergency plans, protect employees as much as possible.(n.d, 2018) And another example is , if the guests hit the employees, the managers have to protect employees as first order. In dealing with employees’ injuries and harassment, the hotel should treat them rationally, does a good job in branch training and service, and find a balance between hotels, employees and customers in order to prevent such incidents as much as possible. (n.d, 2018)


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