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Applied Sociology Within the Family

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Essay, Pages 3 (580 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (580 words)

There are also specific characteristics of a family society being socialization, segregation, ritual, and sanctioning. The first trait, socialization, was described in the article as the creation of shared beliefs. In order to for socialization to take place, certain regulations must be set and abided by. An example of a regulation for socialization is a familys set time every week to get together and discuss issues, talk about happenings, and communicate to one another on a one-on-one basis.

Socialization with each individual of the family also provides an understanding of what potential impacts the outside influences may cause to the function of the family unit.

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By performing this “family meeting” on a weekly schedule provides the basis for another trait that that helps form the family, ritual. Enduring the ritual also leads to the sanctioning trait of the family. Sanctioning can be determined within a family meeting by reading the actions and expressions of one’s body language to the comments given from others family members.

This then allows for the determination of the behavior within the society as a whole. With the society sanction determined, conclusions can be made for the segregation of parts of the society. Depending on the outcome, parts of the society may need to be segregated to perform specific tasks. Doing this allows the family functions to stay balanced. If any one of these components become stressed, the family functions as a whole can be impacted and possible broken.

Although one family member may be the root cause of the stressed rait, the family overall must adapt and use methods of applied sociology to overcome the potential threats.

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There are several methods presented in the article that can serve as assistance to the family function. The main point the article conveys, is that communication with the family members is the single most critical aspect of maintaining a society within the family (Applied Sociology). Applying applied sociology to the family can only benefit the overall social function of the family.

The indings the article can be applied in many ways to everyday life. Positive interactions between parents and siblings can create a better relationship between the siblings. Parents are present in each type of family relationship because they prove to be the most important aspect in creating a well-working family. If parents create an environment for sibling play, then the parents are allowing for future positive relations between the children. Doing so allows a stronger social family network and the family unit can be carried on.

Everyday parents build up the family functionality because the parents can monitor the relationship between the individuals and offer assistance to the individual connections when needed. Without the parents monitoring these traits, the family would not learn or have the ability to treat one another in order to allow a positive and constantly growing relationship. Parents must excel in their efforts to uphold a well-working marital relationship for the family to have a positive functioning relationship. They also need to guide the family with heir own actions.

Overall, every characteristic of relationships within a family relate to the very beginning of the family. Since the parents begin the family, every other relationship must contain structure, flexibility, and communication given to the relationship by the parents. Parental participation is important and favorable to every member and every type of relationship within the family. The parental relationship in a family can establish the atmosphere for which to improve relationships within the familys society.

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