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Ethical and unethical uses of technology

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (419 words)
Categories: Business, Identity, Media, Philosophy, Social Media, Society, Technology, Uses Of Science And Technology
Downloads: 23
Views: 539

The above two topics do complement each other since the combination of the two topics can lead to the problem of identity theft. Identity theft is a very common problem at the present world which has affected over “8.1 million people”. According to me, identity theft can be described as stealing one’s personal information for your own gain through the means of technology. One example of this could be how it is easy for us as humans to see (“stalk”) information of other people while being seated at home.

To elaborate, it is easier to access information of people like date of birth, cell phone numbers, the town/city one lives in, email address, and postal address through the means of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr etc. One may say that the reason people share their private information as stated before on social media sites because they “trust” the people around them, which not surprisingly is not true.

Many people in this world (even though, it is not considered ethically right) will use the personal information for their own good.

For instance, many teenager aged 15-18 can use personal information of other people (they hate or jealous of) from Facebook (one can access private information of another person even though they are not friends if the particular person lets the world see his personal information) to make a fake account and embarrass them in front of the world (this shows how topics ethics and privacy is connected to cyberbullying); this here might be the story of “12% of Canadians” whose life got affected by this action since they posted their personal information online. Other than this, there are also other reasons that show how many people in the world download software (which results in us stealing private information of the software like product key, and installation crack password) illegally, and install them in their computer through the use of torrent running programs and Daemon Tool Lite.

Many of us might have contributed to the “$59 billion worth of software stolen” in the year 2010, even though we knew that it is not morally correct. While we the “installers” are considered as unethical, one may say that the “uploaders” are too equally the culprits as the installers. Many uploaders hack through the software to remove private information like certain security programs that blocks hacking, and installation crack. They later sell the so called pirated software to different websites for money where we “installers” can download from free.

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Ethical and unethical uses of technology. (2016, Sep 01). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/ethical-and-unethical-uses-of-technology-essay

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