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Good Evening everyone, I hope all is well with everyone on this fine summer night. I am here to tell you all who won the “Enlightenment Award”, but before I do, I wanted to congratulate everyone on having the honor of being nominated in the first place.

It’s an honor to be nominated but, it is an even bigger honor to win the award. I am proud to give this award to John Locke. Mr. Locke is an extraordinary thinker as well as the rest of you seated here today.

But what makes Mr. Locke different and what got him to win was his achievements and impact on the things that allow us to have the benefits we do today.

For instance, no matter who you were or what status you held it was believed by John Locke that everyone was equal. He also believed that no one’s rights should be taken away from them, no matter what the situation may be.

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Now let’s get more in depth about why he was nominated and then why he had the honor of receiving this award. Mr. Locke was the very first philosopher that accepted the idea of a democratic government and he supported it as well as how it spread. Mr. Locke founded a school by the name of “The School of Empiricism”.

One of the things I admire about John Locke is that he is very open minded, and he is always using his beliefs to benefit others and help them in any way he can.

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If someone was told by authorities or someone of a higher power that they didn’t have the same rights as them, John Locke would defend you and explain that you are of the same worth that they are. Mr. Locke assisted in the making of the document called “Two Treaties of Government.”

Out of everyone here I truly believe that John Locke has had a major impact on the way that we live today. Without Mr. Locke and all the hard work, he did to prove that we all had the same rights, we may not be living the same luxuries that we can today.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what’s right and because of that many people are afraid of standing up for what they believe to be right, but John Locke wasn’t, he stood up so that we could have the rights we deserve. If John Locke hadn’t stood up for us, we could be living a totally different life from what we are living right now.

I’m beyond grateful for all that John Locke did so that we could be able to be our selves without being torn down. Therefore, that is why Mr. Locke is being awarded the “Enlightenment Award”, please help me in welcoming Mr. Locke to the stage please!

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