English-language films Essay Topics

A short essay about a hunting trip from 5th grade

One day in Victoria, TX we were in a dry field where birds swarmed around a small lake. All of a sudden they began to get shot down one by one. This was the best hunting trip I ever had. My father and I left around six a. m. to get a head start on… View Article

The Best Way to Help Student to Deal with Stress

More and more people all over the world prefer to spend their holidays travelling. Rich or poor, old or young, they strive to leave the place where they live or work, and move to another spot of our planet — at least for two to four weeks a year. They travel to cities and towns,… View Article

Belonging: Indigenous Australians and White Society

“A sense of belonging can emerge from the connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. ” The quote is clearly represented in the play “Rainbows End” by Jane Harrison and the musical _____________________________________. Belonging is subjective and so there is no correct way of what it means but what I think… View Article

Human and Utilitarianism

Let me begin by defining Utilitarianism: utilitarianism is the belief of doing what is right for the greater number of people. It is a theory used to determine the usefulness of the happiest outcome and how it will affect everyone else. Now, this sounds like a amazing theory, what would be better than making yourself… View Article

Purpose of Life

Are you really contented with your life? Do you even know the real purpose of life here on Earth? What is your purpose for waking up everyday? Why can you hear, see, smell, talk and think? What are you here for? Every life here on Earth has their own purpose of existence. The plants, they… View Article

Lord of the Flies: The Evil of Human Nature

“However Simon thought of the beast, there rose before his inward sight the picture of a human at once heroic and sick(Golding 128). This quote from William Goldings novel, Lord of the Flies, effectively suggests that human beings are evil; which is also the main theme of the novel. In the novel, the major characters… View Article

Theme of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” Good Vs. Evil

The book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde made the biggest impact on me. This book was written in the late 1800’s and the theme still has deep meaning today. In my opinion, the theme of the story is based on the idea that we all have a good side and an evil side. I believe… View Article

Themes in “Lord of the Flies”

There are various outlooks of a man in the novel ? Lord of the Flies.? Piggy and Ralph viewed man as being essentially good and that evil happens because something was wrong with people. Jack used power over others and believed that forces more powerful than him must be appeased through ceremony and sacrifice. Simon… View Article

Good and Evil and Aspirations

Everybody has aspirations and dreams for what they want their lives to be like in the future. However is it a problem that these future careers are orientated on either fame or money and not happiness? So due to this fact I ask you today: What is more important: Money or fame? It’s said that… View Article

Is Man born Good or Evil

I do not think that man was born neither good nor evil, I believe that man are raised into there chosen behavior because of the society, environment, family, culture, or even the media, but I believe man has this natural instinct to be good or evil.I do believe that man is both good and evil…. View Article

Reading and Comprehension

? What was the main point of the written piece? I think the main point of the article is about how to make your business presentation really stand out and catch people’s eye. ? what did each section deal with? Each section dealt with a different stage or step of how to set up and… View Article

High School Expectations

Middle School isn’t over; the end is here at last. The parts of my life that seemed never ending are gone for good. I thought I could not wait until high school, but now I wish that it wasn’t here so soon, ending my year as an eight grader. I feel lost as my eight… View Article

Archetypes in High School Movies

David Denby explains the typical high school movies in detail in his article called “High-School Confidential: Notes in Teen Movies”. According to Denby, there are three character archetypes in high school movies; the popular girl, the jock, and the outsider. For some reason these movies usually take place around the time of prom, where miss… View Article

Work ethic

I would really like you to tell them that although I am goal oriented, I am by no means one-dimensional. Challenging myself academically is not a chore but rather a process culminating in self-esteem and satisfaction. I have done everything to keep a wide array of options open and am looking forward to a traditional… View Article

Murder in the classroom

The website One Stop English (http://www. onestopenglish. com/) contains a Lesson Share Archive that is very useful for busy teachers. Sara Mykietyn found this lesson and re-formatted and adapted it slightly for her EFL class. It could be used in any foreign language class. If you translate it into your target language, why not share… View Article

Poem Red to You vs Reading a Poem

I believe that having a poem read to me is more powerful then reading a poem off of a page. When I close my eyes I can see the words that the reader is speaking, instead of trying to understand what the author is attempting to write to me; so it is easier for me… View Article

Wounds That Can Not Be Stitched

I learned that sometimes you think your over things in your life until you see that actual person that has caused a fear in your life. It was upsetting to me that this man did not get any serious punishment for DWI and hit this family. That how did even have the nerve to get… View Article

Sonnet 29 by William Shakespeare Explanation

When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes, I all alone beweep my outcast state, And trouble deaf Heaven with my bootless cries, And look upon myself, and curse my fate, Wishing me like to one more rich in hope, Featured like him, like him with friends possessed, Dearing this man’s art, and that man’s… View Article

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, ambition, strength, and insanity play major roles in how the characters Macbeth and Lady Macbeth behave and react. In this twisted story about man slaughter and the thirst for power both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth represent all 3 of these behaviors at some point. However, their behaviors progress… View Article

Examine The Ambiguity Of The Play S Conclusion

When the audience does not receive a rounded story, and causality is being blurred the effect of a play can be unsettling, suggesting the presence of an unsolved situation. Although in the case of Death And The Maiden ambiguity is used in an unusual, opposite way where the created effect is best described by calmness… View Article

Defending the Play Trifle

In the play, Trifles by Susan Glaspell, is about a murder mystery of Mr. Wright. The men; the court attorney, sheriff, and Mr. Hale, a neighorbor to the Wright family, and the women; the sheriff’s wife, Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Hale, solve the mysery in two very different ways. The men show up at the… View Article

The Handsomest Drowned Man

” That was how they came to hold the most splendid funeral they could ever conceive of for an abandoned drowned man.” Thesis The author uses magical realism such as everyone worshiping a stranger this helps the reader understand reality because sometimes we treat the dead better than we do the living. The people of the… View Article

The Other F-Word

In Leonard Pitts, nonfiction essay,“The other F-word” he uses powerful diction, evidence, and personal experiences to suggest that women need to be proud of their feminist’s values. He adopts a bold passionate tone in order for his mainly women audience to address the importance of this issue. Pitts opens his essay by powerful diction that… View Article

Sympathy for the Devil Poem Analysis

In the poem Sympathy for the devil, the speaker uses many different historical allusions and understatements to gain the readers sympathy for him. The speaker of the poem is the Devil and he tries to make it sound as though he is forced to be around all of the death and despair so that the… View Article

Analogy of Poetry

The poem There Is Another Sky by Emily Dickinson was a poem written for her brother Austin. Emily uses nature to explain the message she is trying to provide for him. The poem provides a hopeful and positive feeling. The poem is full of optimism and inspiration. The pint of the poem is to provide… View Article

How Is the Continual Battle of Nature vs Human Technology Represented

Explain how Bradbury uses this story to question human’s reliance on technology The house was created for the sole purpose of serving mankind. The house cannot save the family, or humans, from the viciousness of a nuclear bomb. By the time the reader is exposed to the house, the owners have been eradicated, “their images… View Article

The Return by Fernando Sorrentino

The story overall was good even though it was predictable what was going to happen especially the major foreshadowing when the teacher says, “He didn’t return to take revenge, though, but rather to be reincarnated in Adriana’s child.” After this was said I put rest of the story together with ease. Another good thing about… View Article

Fly in the ointment

A younger man visits his bankrupt father, who is depressed following the collapse of his business. The son is a disappointment to the father due to his choice of career. The father seems strong until, during their conversation, a fly enters the room, with the father overreacting in an attempt to get rid of this… View Article

Character Analysis of Aminata: Book of Negroes

The Book of Negroes by Lawerence Hill started as a story of the capture of a West African girl and her journey to become a slave. Her traumatizing experience was written with a desperate tone that was achieved through the use of literary devices such as metaphors and alliteration. Emphasis was put on the conflict… View Article

Pop Culture Essay

There are many movie genres out today than there were before in earlier years. Movie genres are basically different types of movies, such as: horror, suspense, mystery, drama ,romance, etc. Today it seems that most peoples favorite movie genre is horrow or action. Action movies have a lot of different stuff in them that is… View Article