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Citizen Involvement Program
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Transportation: Establish cooperative agreements to address transportation based planning, development, operation and maintenance. Minimize the impact of regional traffic on the local transportation system. Maximize pedestrian, bicycle and other non-motorized travel throughout the City: Pedestrian and vehicular access to the river Safe bicycle and pedestrian access to and across the bypass Minimize the capital improvement and community costs to implement the transportation plan: Transportation offices will be outlined to play down impacts on: Show and Arranged Arrive Utilize designs; Characteristic…...
Citizen KaneCitizenshipCityTrafficTransportTransportation
An Analysis of Perseverance in Citizen Kane, a Movie by Orson Welles
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Through its portrayal of human experience, Welles’ Citizen Kane reinforces the significance of perseverance.To what extent does your interpretation of Citizen Kane support this view?In your response, make detailed reference to the film.The perseverance of a definitive truth about the nature of human experience is inhibited by subjectivity and the intrinsic obscurity of man. Citizen Kane demonstrates this struggle for the perseverance of truth through the failure of subjective testimonies, such as those explored in Thompson’s interviews, to construct a…...
Citizen KaneMoviePerseveranceTruth
James Wong Howe
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HOWE, JAMES WONG (1898-1975), photographer, cinematographer. Howe was born in Canton, China, in 1898 and came to the State of Washington in 1904 with his parents. His original name was Wong Tung Jim, which he continued to use until 1922. He is recognized for his great camera work in the United States and for bringing new, revolutionary techniques to the camera world. Among his best known photographic innovations are the use of the wide-angle lens, deep focus, and ceilinged sets…...
ArtistsCinematographyCitizen KaneFamous PersonPhotography
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Citizen Kane Breakfast Montage
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While it is evident to the viewer that Charles and Emily’s marriage is falling apart during Citizen Kane’s breakfast montage, the mise-en-scene and technical devices used to reinforce this idea are less recognizable. The variation of the actors’ demeanors and placement, the progression of costumes, and the use of lighting subtly support the presentation of a deteriorating marriage, and furthermore, of Kane’s inability to sustain a successful, lasting relationship due to his career. The mise-en-scene and technical devices used in…...
BreakfastCitizen Kane
Citizen Kane by Orson Welles and Herman Mankiewicz
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The film Citizen Kane (1941), directed and written by Orson Welles and Herman Mankiewicz, is an American film drama that use various film techniques to illustrate themes, attitudes, and the development of a story. Welles' use of camera angles, lighting, movement, symbolism and expression allow the audience to comprehend and understand the themes such as power and exploitation that are present in this movie along with many other themes that pertain to the life of the main character, Charles Foster…...
Citizen Kane
The Analysis of Jennie Gerhardt by Theodore Dreiser
Words • 1982
Pages • 8
The book I have picked to describe is "Jennie Gerhardt" by Theodore Dreiser. I didn't even think for a moment, when I got a job to make a discussion of a book, since it is my favourite work of art. First I read it 3 years back. I began when I remained in the aircraft and the 4-hour flight appeared to run really fast. In spite of the reality I went to Turkey in summertime to unwind, swim and have…...
Book ReviewCitizen KaneMarriageSociety
Citizen Kane – innovative techniques
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Citizen Kane, a classic American dramatic film, is considered to be the ultimate classic masterpiece and the world's most famous and highest rated film, as it is ranked the number one best film of all time. It was the first movie Orson Welles, a theatrical genius, co-wrote, directed, and produced at only an age of twenty-five years. The subject of this movie is the life of Charles Foster Kane, known as Citizen Kane, which is played by Welles himself. Dating…...
Citizen Kane
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