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What is a Successful Marriage?
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A successful marriage is a natural commitment between two people who love, trust, respect, and understand each other, and who are also willing to put forth the effort to communicate and compromise in order to reach shared goals while they grow and change together and individually. However, these are only some of the key components that contribute. Carol Tavris in “Love Story” stated, “It requires a reciprocity of affection, power, and respect for differences-the basis of a love between equals…...
LoveMarriageThe Princess Bride
Remember The Titans
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Pages • 2
The film Remember the Titans directed by Boaz Yakin, is based on actual events set in Virginia in 1971. The T.C Williams high school’s football team became the unifying symbol for the community as the boys and the coaches learn to depend on and trust each other no matter what their colour of their skin In the scene of the football team leaving for camp in front of the buses, the long shot of Gerry, Ray and Coach Boone shows…...
Remember The Titans MovieThe Princess Bride
The movie, “The Princess Bride”
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The movie, "The Princess Bride," also a novel written by William Goldman, is the wonderful tale of Buttercup, a beautiful young woman of Florin and Westley, her beloved farmboy, whose true love guides them through many struggles and leads them to a "happily ever-after ending." It is a classic example of the romantic mode, with its great deeds, pageantry, and courtly love. The hero, Westley, is on a quest to rescue his beloved Buttercup, but many obstacles stand in his…...
MovieThe Princess Bride
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Role and evolution of the hero in literature
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" If Hero means sincere man, why may not everyone of us be a Hero?" (Carlyle, qtd. in Hoyt' s New Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations). This statement makes heroism seem simple, but is being sincere enough to make you a hero? In modern society, the answer is likely to be yes, but in literature, it can be controversial. A hero in literature is generally portrayed as a man of action rather than thought. He exceeds ordinary men in skill, strength,…...
EvolutionHeroLiteratureRobin HoodThe Princess Bride
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What is a Successful Marriage?
...Berry, Wendell, “Men and Women in Search of Common Ground. ” Essays from Contemporary Culture. Ed. Katherine Anne Ackley. 5th ed. Boston:Thomson, 2004: 244-51. Tavris, Carol, “Love Story. ” Essays from Contemporary Culture. Ed. Katherine Anne...

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