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West Side Story
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Introduction In the context of 1960s, chain gangs and gang wars are prevalent between Latin and White American adolescents. For the reason that the White American adolescents despise and discriminate against the Latin Americans (particularly the Puerto Rican race), the Whites resort to bully the minorities and they even ostracize the Latin Americans by depriving them of their rights to use recreation places like the street’s basketball court, food houses, and the like upon believing that the White Americans are…...
West Side Story
“Romeo and Juliet” and “West Side Story” Comparison
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A comparison between William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet" and Leonard Bernstein's musical "West Side Story" There is a lot in common between the two plays Romeo And Juliet and West Side Story. The main male characters have many things in common. In fact, Toni and Romeo both miss the beginning fight at the beginning of the plays, they both fall in love and end up getting killed. The difference between the two is that Toni takes place in the…...
ComparisonRomeo And JulietWest Side Story
Comparison Between Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and the Film by Baz Luhrmann
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How do both directors reflect atmosphere, mood, and staging techniques of Shakespeare’s play? Which version is most dramatically effective, and why? Romeo and Juliet, a tragic tale of two “Star crossed lovers”, is believed to be written by Shakespeare in 1595. The famous playwright and poet copied the original works of Arthur Brooke and William Painter to develop a play that dramatises the story of two youths who fall deeply in love. However despite their feelings, their plans, and their…...
ComparisonRomeo And JulietShakespeareWest Side Story
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The role of music in films
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Music has been around for many years and plays an important role in everyday life. It's been used to allow a person to express their thoughts to an audience and allows them to express their creativity. Literature has also been around for many years. It's been used to provide entertainment, enlightenment and instruction to an audience. Though music and literature are different types of art forms, both are used to communicate ideas and thoughts. Both have the ability to allow…...
LiteratureMusicWest Side StoryWriter
Modern Music and Sounds
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Modernist composers created new and entirely novel approaches by writing works without a tonal center or clear sense of meter. Perhaps the single most remarkable aspect of music in the twentieth century is that for the first time listeners could hear music when and where they wanted to hear it. Debussy's relationship to the artistic movement known as ________ helps give his music the quality of "suggesting rather than stating." Impressionism Debussy's works that are now recognized as masterpieces were…...
MusicWest Side Story
Chapter 47
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Which of the following musicals was NOT a collaboration by Rodgers and Hammerstein? The Phantom of the Opera Which of the following was NOT composed by Leonard Bernstein? On the Town West Side Story is a modern-day musical retelling of Shakespeare's: Romeo and Juliet. Bernstein's West Side Story updates the fight of the Capulets and the Montagues to a feud in between: The Jets and the Sharks Which of the following is NOT true of Bernstein's West Side Story? It…...
Phantom of The OperaWest Side Story
Music Appreciation Ch 3 Pre/Post Tests
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Operetta A light opera genre popular in nineteenth century England and Austria Asymmetrical meter Meter in which the number of grouped pulses changes instead of remaining constant Riverdance Irish dance-based production featuring a musical score by Bill Whelan. The Three Tenors Stage show from 1990 that featured the voices of Domingo, Carreras, and Pavarotti. Celtic Woman Stage show featuring Irish, Scottish, and English songs and fiddling performed by an all-female cast. The operatic vocal style developed to emphasize volume and…...
AppreciationMusicOperaWest Side Story
Music 201
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The opening of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is probably both the briefest and the best known theme in all of music. a. True In his art song, "Erlkonig," Schubert uses a repetitive rhythmic figure at the beginning to capture the constant forward movement of the pair on horseback and the sound of the hooves racing against time. a. True At the beginning of his career as a composer, Berlioz's music was: c. not understood. Perhaps the single most remarkable aspect of…...
BeethovenMusicWest Side Story
Music 241
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Listen to the excerpt. The primary rhythmic motif (short-short-short-long) is played first by which instruments in this excerpt? horns Listen to the excerpt. In this excerpt, the strings and which group alternate playing the main rhythmic motif of the movement? full orchestra How many symphonies did Beethoven complete? nine The rhythm of the opening motif of Beethoven's Symphony no. 5 occurs throughout the entire symphony When the individual movements of a large work are related in a tangible and distinct…...
BeethovenMusicWest Side Story
America (West Side Story)
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Introduction This document is the lyrics of the song America extracts from the movie West Side Story. This movie is a musical directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise in 1961. It sets in NY in the 50’s. It deals with a confrontation between two rival gangs : the Jets (american) and the Sharks (Portorican). It also deals with a love story between Tony and Maria. Their love story is based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as the two lovers…...
AmericaPuerto RicoWest Side Story
Life of Patrick Swayze
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Patrick Swayze was born August 18, 1952, in Houston, Texas. He was an actor, singer, and song writer. He was voted the most sexist man alive and is best known for playing the roles of the tough guys and the romantic leading man. Some of the famous films that he has played a role in are, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, and the T. V. mini-series North and South. The Swayze family was a Roman Catholic family, his father Jesse Wayne Swayze…...
LifeWest Side Story
Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, West Side Story and Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo and Juliet”
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A text that embodies the values and beliefs exclusive to one niche in time would be difficult to adapt to any other context, unlike Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. This text contains universal values that have proven to be relevant to generations over four hundred years and is still continuing to appeal to audiences today. 'Romeo and Juliet' is a timeless story that has been adapted from the stage to film, television and novels, which demonstrates the strength of the message…...
Romeo And JulietShakespeareWest Side Story
Romeo and Juliet Composition
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The story of Romeo and Juliet contains many controversial topics that are mainly focused on teenagers. The most amazing fact about this story is that even though this story was written hundreds of years ago, the teenagers today still go through the same ordeals or, even wonderful events as well. One of these important topics in this story was friendship. Romeo and Mercurito's friendship was portrayed as what people would call today a "best friends" status. This was quite obvious…...
CompositionRomeo And JulietWest Side Story
Romeo and Juliet Compare and Contrast
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William Shakespeare is known as the literary genius behind the classic play Romeo and Juliet. However, his play is not as original as many people may think it is. Thirty years prior to Romeo and Juliet, the play Romeus and Juliet was written; Pyramus and Thisbe was written even earlier. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare reveals to his audience that love is a powerful force that cannot be denied, which is also shown in the films West Side Story, Gnomeo…...
Compare And ContrastRomeo And JulietWest Side Story
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