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Research Proposal on English Skills Improvement through the Use of iPad Technology

The sample size of the research may not reflect the whole sample of primary teachers and pupils in schools where the technology is applied, in Saudi Arabia. Each interview will be translated in English by the investigator. The investigator is not eligible as a translator; nevertheless, the scholar will work long hours with the university’s writing center to build up and set down the interrogatio...

The Forest - Creative Writing Essay For English

Hours later I was tied up with MY climbing ropes, in MY tent. Luka had re-killed Julian; something about an unintelligent lower level scum. I had no idea what happened to Dustin and Micah, but I had a feeling their luck ran dry and they were now in the same situation as Luka. Katherine’s body was still on the ground when we were walked back into camp. Because we are pure, girl’s bodies are una...

Globalisation and English

Berger, P., 2000, Four Faces of Global Culture, in O’Meara, P., Mehlinger, H., Krain, M. (eds.) Globalization and the Challenges of the New Century: A Reader, Indiana University Press, Bloomington Berger, P., Huntington, S. 2002, Many Globalizations: Cultural Diversity in the Contemporary World, Oxford University Press, New York Coleman, J. A. 2006, English-medium teaching in European Higher Ed...

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Subject-Verb Agreement in Sindhi and English

From above analysis, we have examined that the subject and the verb agrees in a sentence. Agreement allows us to show who’s doing what in a sentence by indicating which part of the sentence go together. And through above analysis of comparison between Sindhi and English verb agreement, we have come to know the difference as well as the similarities in subject verb agreement in both languages. ==...

Pros and cons of English being the international lingua franca

The second drawback of English being the international lingua franca is that the dominance of the English language proposes a threat to our own language. Taking Hong Kong as an example, English is set to be the second language here, abilities of English usually come first than Chinese. Therefore, parents always place English a high place. When children’s result in English language is poor, they ...

The Effect of Social Media on the English Language

Another research called Social networking: teachers blame Facebook and Twitter for pupils' poor grades written by Andy Bloxham in 2010, it talked about how teachers blame Facebook and Twitter for kids’s poor grades, he said kids spend too much time online which makes it harder for them to concentrate in class, they become more distracted and have shorter attention spans as researchers found. T...

English Language Learner

But all of that will pay off when you are able expressing yourself in an exciting way. You have to know what is your first step will going to be, then just keep going and expand all experience that you have become perfectly. Also, the English teacher should purposefully select words and sentence structures that will help students learn rather than hinder their success in class or practice for the...

Txtspk: Effect on the English Language Skill of Students in Slc

No Effect. A third view is that there is no effect has text messaging on English Grammar. As may be considered as another language, learning a new language such as text messaging does not affect a student’s ability in grammar. It is just a matter of learning the basics – to know the difference between slang, texting lingo and correct English (http://www.ehow.com/list_5828172_effects-text-messa...

English Paper

In conclusion, though the plays represent different tales, they both also show many signs of similarity and differences. Only a few of which were mentioned, the isolation both Minnie and Ruth experienced as farm wives, living so far away from other people. The differences in how each one handled their isolation when it came down for a chance to change it. Minnie took the quick way out by killing h...

18th century English literature

The cutting edge of a consumer revolution, they showed the public that the modern world was to be welcomed, not feared. There was something for everyone to desire and possess in this new world of fashion. During the successful run of The Tatler (1709-1711)Germen de la novella de ficcion, Steele’s and Addison’s predecessor to The Spectator, The Female Tatler was published 3 times a week attribu...

English: It's position in the global arena

In conclusion, the position of English within higher education can be thought of as a useful one. It came about due to the specific historical and political factors unique to English. It just so happened that most of the mathematical, scientific and technological notation is based largely in English (for example, the development of the internet was an American innovation). It also just so happened...

George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" Rhetorical Précis

Although Orwell specifically states that “correct grammar and syntax… are of no importance”, one can see that he has gone to great lengths to achieve an engaging effect through syntax. The back-and-forth action of the body paragraphs and his self-contradiction alludes to a rule he introduces later in the writing: “Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous” (Orw...

Modern english literature

It goes without saying, almost, that merely learning the above few pages, parrot-fashion, will not be sufficient to pass the examination: they represent only a skeletal outline. Also, you need to be succinct. No linguistic bulimia or irrelevant sentences, please! I shall immediately see through any examination paper that appears to rely only on this brief guide. Most marks will be awarded for evid...

Ways to Improve Your English

Listen to English music. Even listening to music while doing something else can help a little for things like getting used to the natural rhythm and tone of English speech, although the more time and attention you give to a song the more you will learn from listening to it again in the future. Read the whole thing with no help. Although using a dictionary has been shown to help with both short ter...

English as a World Language

means of unifying the whole world it’s spoken by 8 mln people all over the world. It’s taught at schools in China, Hungary and Yugoslavia. There are some advantages of Esperanto as a 2nd language. -It’s easier to learn (Esperanto has 16 rules and no exeptions). -It’s a neutral language. It has no political or cultural bias. -It saves money because 55% of expenses in all international organ...

English Lit. Pretest

9. Which of the following sentences is correct? (Points : 5) For the potluck please bring: silverware, beverages, and a dish to share. Please bring the following items to the potluck: silverware, beverages, and a dish to share. Silverware, beverages, and a dish to share: are items you need to bring to the potluck. Please bring: silverware, beverages, and a dish to share to the potluck. 10. Using w...

Syllabus for English Language Proficiency

1. Distinguish the roles of stakeholders (students, teachers, employers, parents and community) in the delivery of the curriculum. 2. Organize the learning environment that promotes fairness regardless of culture, family background and gender responsive to learners’ needs and difficulties. 3. Utilized process data and results in reporting and interpreting learners’ performance to improve teach...

My High School English Experience

Admittedly, there were some student who never studying on my high school class. However, as a teacher, she never enlightened those naughty students. On the contrary, she detested those bad students, deciding to abandon the class. During the high school year, she seldom taught us, and most of the time, we have to self-studying English. At first, I was so disappointed that I even had a mind to trans...

Creative Piece for as Level English Literature Coursework Comparing Two Film Adaptations of 'Hamlet'

The use of modern CCTV may enforce the element of surveillance but their clumsy, intrusive functioning is more distractive rather than innovative. It is interesting however how Doran puts a camera in Hamlet’s hands to highlight that character’s observations of others. Onstage, Tennant made eye-contact with the audience, bringing viewers into the plot and the tense impression of the play; this...

Position of English law in the Malay States and its effect to the local law

British introduced English law through legislation enacted by Malay states themselves. The omnibus introduction of English law took place in the FMS only in 1937, through the Civil Law Enactment passed by FMS Federal Council. Section 2(1) of the Civil Law Enactment 1937 provides that the application of Common law and Equity in FMS as the same like which were enforced in England subject to such qua...

English Proficiency and Academic Achievement

Throughout the study, there are words and terms that are contextually and operationally used. This section includes clearly and concisely defined coined words and technical terms as follows: Academic Achievement. This refers to the school performance of the students through grades. Bilingualism. This term refers to the use of two languages, the first language and English, as a medium in communicat...

Difficulties in Speaking English

Conclusions. The findings raise concerns regarding the quality of care provided to patients and carers who are nonusers of English and provide evidence of inequalities in service provision. However, not speaking English should not be a barrier to appropriate and effective nursing care. District nurses need to appreciate their responsibility to provide equitable services irrespective of a patient...

Phonological Comparison of British and American English

The second stress difference is stress in words that end with –ate. In this case AmE will stress the first syllable whereas BrE puts stress on the final syllable. Words like migrate, pulsate, rotate and spectate illustrate this point (Wikipedia contributors). From the phonetic characteristics mentioned above we can clearly see some of the distinct phonological differences concerning pronunciatio...

Differences Between the Early English Settlers and Native Americans

In conclusion, it is plain to see that there are so many differences between the Native American culture and that of the Europeans. A few examples of differences is the ideas on land use and ownership, religion and gender roles. The most impactful difference was the ideas each culture had on land use and ownership. These differences were very influential on the events that occurred during this tim...

English Holiday Homework Sample


Factors affecting students academic performance in English 11

Many factors can cause stress, including financial constraints, child abuse, parental neglect, irresponsibility and divorce, among many others. If a child is stressed, they may not focus on their schoolwork as their minds are often occupied by disturbing thoughts that may not leave room for them to study as effectively as they ought to do. Negative thoughts can trouble a child and escalate into s...

Feminist Literary Criticism in English Literature

Feminist critics approach literature in a way that empowers the female point of view instead, typically rejecting the patriarchal language that has dominated literature. (Paul Ady, associate professor of English at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts). Feminist literary criticism in english literature 175 Although the road is rocky, the characters ultimately prevent their debt to societ...

English as a Global language

Additionally, English language plays an important role affecting young people’s behaviour and linguistic skills via mass media. Therefore, English as a worldwide tongue is influencing negatively local languages and by default its survival due to the pressure of the English language in daily life in the communities. Moreover, English language is responsible for damages in linguistic culture wheth...

Importance of English

As I mention earlier there are countless advantages of English language. Study of English can provide us useful benefits and knowledge. We can use English to develop ourselves culturally and materially so that we can compete with the best side in the world of mind and matter. We can say that English language is our window to the world. One of advantage is that it is the world most used business an...

Compare the experience of the French, Spanish and English

French traders and missionaries lived among the Indians, often taking native wives and studying local culture. Unlike the Spanish, England decided to settle up north. The first English settlement became known as Jamestown which was in modern-day Virginia. Also unlike the Spanish, the English tried to make the natives that they encountered assimilate into their culture. They judged them as barbaria...

The Importance of Studying English

Last but not least,you can also enjoy read a literary works.You can buy and read an exciting novel books. There are many literary works or classics novel that were written by Willian Shakespear.Example of the books that written by Willian Shakespear is Romeo and Juliet and Twelftth Night. Most of the literary books were exciting to read.At least,reading a literary books can gain more knowledge in ...

Speech: Advantages of listening to English songs

Last but not least, listening to English songs would surely bring you a correct collocation. Collocation is the cultural context and placement of words. It is what sounds natural to native speakers. It usually doesn’t have much logic to it, and it’s almost impossible to teach. It is something that’s acquired with time and contact with the language in authentic cultural contexts. Songs tell s...

English – comparing 1984 & The Handmaid’s Tale

The Angels did not look or talk to the women just stood with their backs to them to show domination. Correspondingly the ‘enormous face, more than a metre wide’ plastered on the walls with the eyes that followed you when you move is also seen as a sign of domination. The two figures show signs of both aggression and great importance, the fact that the Angles will not talk or look at the women ...

Was the Character and Influence of Anne Boleyn the main reason for the English Reformation?

In conclusion, although it can be definitely seen that Anne played a major part in the reformation, and can be considered a key factor in the reformation, she was not the main factor, as Henry would not have been able to even consider a break with Rome if there not the anticlerical attitude that was felt within England against the Catholic church as it was quite a risky move to begin with already ...

My Strengths and Weaknesses in English

Beyond that point, I lacked practice in speaking. Despite the fact that I can read English articles fluently, I am afraid of talking with other foreign people, since my sentences all have grammar mistakes, and these will make other people feel strange and hard to understand, so I seldom communicate with other people, and that’s why my speaking can not improve. For the reason, I have decided to s...

FAQ about English

Why is it important to learn English?

...For instance, trade. Offering goods and services to other countries for a need in return. Without a language that is internationally recognized, trade wouldn’t have taken place. Why? No one would know how to communicate with other countries. Withou ...

What Do Expect in English 101

...I’m into fiction books I like knowing I can fly on the back of a dragon, turn my boyfriend into a toad, marry a prince, save a kingdom, cast a spell, swing a sword and talk to the gods. Just crazy things that never actually happens in reality. Lovi ...

Why English Is an Important Languege

...For instance, all of the students have to do some projects or homework’s which are related with their field during the high school and university education. In this projects or home works, they have to find some information which is connected with ...

Reasons Why the English Civil War Broke Out in 1642

...Overall I think this factor was very important because the whole country could have rebelled against the king, leaving parliament in a very strong position. In conclusion I think that the most important factor that broke out the civil war was Charles ...

Why did the english civil war break out in 1642?

...This was what Parliament (the Puritans) were campaigning against causing even more concern. Charles introduced the prayer book into all of the churches in Scotland. The Scottish people were not in favour of this and rebelled against Charles. Overall ...

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