English Essay Topics

How A Student Can Get an A or an F in Freshman English

Most students know the answer to the question as to how one gets an A or an F in Freshman English class. The reasons are basically the same with how one gets either grade in their other academic subjects. Also, after going through different English classes from grade school to high school, the student should… View Article

Ten Simple Ways to Improve My English

1. This is what most people would advise: read. Read anything and everything in English. You can read storybooks, newspapers, magazines, blocs, comics, English textbooks, instructions and ingredients on food packages, advertisements, etc. For story books, don’t force yourself to read something too difficult or something you know you won’t enjoy. Make reading fun! Read… View Article

Unskilled Workers Must Learn English

The article “Unskilled workers Must Learn English” is chosen, because it reflects current political and economic issues related to the Arab word. Furthermore, the article provides data presented to persuade readers that the problem has to be resolved. The author is rather persuasive, because he uses results of previous researches, received data and logical arguments… View Article

Proud to be an American-Proud to Speak English

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to speak on the subject of our English language and how it unites us as a people. It is not to promote nationalism or advocate political policy, but rather to bring together the people in a commonality. It is to promote the idea that we are all neighbors. Yet… View Article


For a person who has had English as a second language since preschool, speaking and writing in English would have been a walk in the park. However, when English need to be used in another English-speaking country where cultural and linguistic peculiarities give rise to complexities and a mouthful of confusing dialectics and translations, the… View Article

Preferred language style

Conduct a debate on: Most job candidates are concerned with baseline pay. Incentives and benefits do very little to persuade a candidate to accept an organization’s employment offer if baseline compensation is slightly below the candidate’s expectations. Incentives and other benefits are frequently given lesser importance by the candidates who want to join a new… View Article

Shakespeare’s English

Shakespeare’s English is always known to be the connecting bridge that comes between Old English and Modern English. Hence we find in his language a close affinity with both the trends. A close reading of his renowned tragedy, Hamlet, offers the readers a good variety of language ‘innovations’ that include unusual word arrangements, omissions and… View Article

English Post and Response

In Mario Vargas Llosa’s essay entitled “Why Literature,” he states that more and more people have lost interest in reading because they are too busy doing other things. “According to this widespread conception, literature is a dispensable activity, no doubt lofty and useful for cultivating sensitivity and good manners, but essentially an entertainment, an adornment… View Article

My Experience, My Goals

I grew up in a country whose native language is not English. So, needless to say, the move from my native country to the United States has been difficult primarily because of the communication barriers I had to contend with. However, while English might not have been my first language, I grew up learning the… View Article

English Isu Comparison Essay

When writing literary works most, authors will agree that it is difficult to write a story without any inspiration. The writers will often have some motive, either from past experiences or something that can inspire an idea for a novel. Although the novel can be fictitious it can still change how society feels about a… View Article

The English language

Teaching and learning the English language (ESL) has been one of the most important topics in the educational system. The article entitled “Issues in Language Learning Strategy Research and Teaching” has investigated eight issues relevant to language learning approaches research and instruction. The issues include the identification of language learning approaches, classification and terminology of… View Article

English as a Global Language

In recent decades, the entire world has bared witness to the rise of English as the world’s primary language. Apart from being the primary forms of communication for ordinary people, English has also poses as a means of communication in other domains such as mass communications, economics, engineering, business, aviation, political affairs, and entertainment. The… View Article

English Traves

Plagiarism is one of the most important issues that students have to face in their academic lives. If they are found guilty of committing plagiarism in their works, they can face serious consequences like failure or expulsion from the school. As such, it is important that they learn how to properly cite and acknowledge the… View Article

American English

Ebonics has been an issue in the field of sociolinguistics for quite a long time. It was previously labeled as Negro-standard English, Black English, Black English Vernacular, and African American English Vernacular. It is known to have historical influences from West African and Niger-Congo languages. Researches focused on its similarities and differences with that of… View Article

English Films

It was an unpromising period for the British film industry, the World War II (WWI). With its outburst on the third of September 1939, “all cinemas in Britain, along with other such venues as theatres and sports arenas, were closed” 5. However, when the cinemas reopened and the films started to reproduce, some of the… View Article

English as a Second Language

Originally, England’s linguistic changes made English the second language and over the years, second language teaching has undergone a lot of erratic changes. Religious schools have greatly influenced the moral and cultural framing of English at this point in time. UK was also the center of developmental English teaching during World War II. Pioneers such… View Article

English-Cultural Studies- Generation X

Throughout the years, rock and roll stars have greatly emerged in the consciousness of every American youth. In a world that appears to be uncontrollably spinning, the pied pipers of rock have acted as jesters, pillows, and poets for every incoming generation. The forerunners like Sex Pistols, the Who, the Doors, the Stones, the Beatles,… View Article

English Discussion Question

Irony plays a major part in Raymond Carver’s Popular Mechanics. As the man tries to seize the infant from her, the woman accuses him of hurting the baby. The irony is that she, too, hurts the baby. In fact, both of them are hurting the baby. Both of them want the best for their child,… View Article

He Formation and Social Function of English Euphemisms

As an indispensable and natural part of English language, English euphemisms have existed for a long time.The appearance of everything, including euphemism, has its reasons.The emergence of English euphemisms has a close relation with language taboos and religion. Since English euphemisms play an important role in social communication, they worth careful and thorough study. This… View Article

Philippine English, Singapore English and New Zealand English

Based on the results shown by the corpora, modal may is predominantly used to indicate request than modal can in the Philippine English. However, for the Singaporean English, modal can is often used than modal may in requesting. For the New Zealand English, results showed that they seldom use modal can in requesting and for… View Article

Learning English

As an international student, learning English was a big challenge. For one thing, I grew up speaking my native language most of the time, and I only speak English when just necessary, such as talking to American or English strangers. This is why I found it hard to learn English, and there is still room… View Article

Foreign Language and English

Nowadays, almost six thousands languages are spoken in different countries. And unfortunately, half of them are in danger of defunctness. Certainly, the disappearance of a language can be attributed to the system of communication. However, one can say that it is a loss of culture and expression of human experience. According to Baldwin (2006) “foreign… View Article

Indian or Singaporean English

Indeed, language has been one of the most fundamental elements of culture. As such, culture and history brings about a language. However, in today’s society, English is slowly becoming a global language. This is to say, many people are learning English as their second language and because of this, dialects are starting to form out… View Article

My favourite subject

My favourite subject in school is English. It is quite easy and pleasant to study it. English is used in each field of life and it is useful to know it. Most of web sides are in English. It is nice to be able to use such a sides like yahoo, msn and english Wikipedia…. View Article

Effective Ways to Improve English

English is important since it is a well known language and has frequently been referred to as a world language. Comfort with English is almost a prerequisite for success in the world today. Regardless of the industry, proficiency in English is an important factor in both hiring and promotion decisions.Being a student in College, English… View Article

My English 103 class

In the process of living our lives, we meet people or groups of people that change our lives for the best. Some impressions last forever, and we remain glad that fate had us where we are at specific moments. When I think of my English class, what comes to my mind is a group of… View Article

Should English be the official language of the US?

Although United States is often considered as the “melting pot” foreigners, believe it or not, its official language is not English! I find it is pretty hard to believe, but the fact is that United States actually doesn’t have an official language stated in its constitution. English, however, is used among 80% of U. S’s… View Article

Learning English as a Second Language

From the content in the introductory part of the WebQuest, It is true that English is common language for the native people but for the non native people it is challenging and requires one to go through a series of classes compounded by determination and willingness to learn in order to understand it well. The… View Article

Dr. Johnson’s contributions to English prose, criticism and lexicography

Rightly hailed as a literal and figurative literary giant, Dr. Johnson made major contributions to English prose, poetry, drama, literary criticism and English language. His presence is central to the understanding of the literature of the latter part of the eighteenth century. Giving stability to English language was his major concern and all through his… View Article

Character Analysis The marriage of Gabriel

Kate and Julia Morkin, together with their niece, Mary Jane, hold the annual party in the spirit of Christmas and invite their favorite nephew, Gabriel Conroy and his wife, Gretta. When Gabriel and Gretta arrive together, his two aunts welcome them with warmth. The couple then tries to relax and enjoy the party at the… View Article