England Essay Topics

Identify dtp

Introduction The owner of the local village store called the Reepham shopper, which is in the market place in a rural town of Reepham around 12 miles away from the city of Norwich Which is in the south east of England. The owner of the village shop is called Daniel Jones who is an average… View Article

Christmas Carol

The light represents a sense of alertness to show that Scrooge has done great harm and hope. This quote also opens the sight to the audience of Scrooge’s past time and why he is the way he currently is. The Cratchit’s are an example of the impoverished people who, Dickens felt, were very honest. The… View Article

Integral part of British culture

Soaps are contemporary, which means they are written in the same rime that they are being acted. Some viewers develop what’s called social critism or social commentary, when as I mentioned before, viewers get lost in the plots and get carried away with their feelings. You sometimes hear about people trying to kill characters that… View Article

Critical сommentary on London and Jerusalem by William Blake

The poetry of William Blake is well known for its metaphysical language and profound symbolism. In his two poems, entitled “London” and “Jerusalem” his use of these techniques, alongside many others, is crucial in his portrayal of the corruptive tendencies of man and his perspective on religion and England during the Industrial Revolution. Throughout these… View Article

Critical commentary on engineers corner by Wendy cope

Artists are always acclaimed for the works that they produce; however, there are other professions, such as doctors, mechanics, engineers how contribute greatly to the world we live in. The Engineer’s corner is a satirical piece which emphasizes on how life as an artist is overrated, as well as recognizing the underestimation of other professions… View Article

England and Italy

In Indian Ink unlike A Room with a View the cultures overlap. There is a definite connection between Flora and Das which is hinted at later on in the play by Anish when he talks about the painting – ‘”This was painted with love” ‘. Das’ love of all things English and Mr Coomaraswami’s belief… View Article

Indian Relations in Chesapeake and New England

In the 1600’s English settlers came to America seeking refuge, and land. Upon coming to America the settlers crossed paths with the natives and eventually lead to a variety of relationships. There were various factors that shaped the relations in certain regions such as the Chesapeake Bay and New England. The events that lead up… View Article

Criticism of Industrial England

In Hard Times Charles Dickens criticizes several aspects of life among the lower classes working in factories in England during the nineteenth century. This paper will examine three of the subject Dickens condemns in Hard Times: Grandgrindism, the divorce laws in England at the time and bad education for children. Hard Times is set in… View Article

UK National Stereotypes

Personality tests indicate that national stereotypes are constructed on the basis of prejudices and rumours. “Themselves” consider them to be superior in all respects to anyone else in the world, allowing other nations to assume a number of qualities, becoming less in number as these countries move away – the farthest country being the poorest… View Article


Until lately England was normally considered as a calm, enchanted land freeze outlined for a while in the 1930s, residence of the post office, country inn and church house. It’s now known for lively cities with great nightlife and lure, contrasted with pleasant and green countryside. From Tower Bridge and Stonehenge to Oxford and Eton,… View Article

Colonial Life in the 1700s

When the English first settled in America, they had no intention of creating a new nation. They “continued to view themselves as Europeans, and as subjects of the kings. Some believed that if a nation were to arise from the English dominance in the New World, it would be identical to the English empire. However,… View Article

This is Britain

The Romans were in Britain until the beginning of 5. And the south-eastern part of the island were much Romanized. It was formed by five municipalities in the Roman style: Kamulodunum (now Colchester), Verulamium (St. Albans), Lindum (Lincoln), Glevum (Gloucester) and Eborakum (York). All but Verulamiuma, were military settlements. Other cities were founded as centers… View Article

British and American English in Hk

Hong Kong was a colony of British in the past. Under a British education system, the English we learnt in school are supposed to be British English. But nowadays, more and more Hong Kong people start to use American English in their daily conversions. Some people think that using both British and American English may… View Article

How successful has the government and the Bank of England

The bank of England and the government has worked tirelessly to counter the threat of recession and inflation particularly over the last two years. Both have worked in tandem and introduced a number of economic policies to ensure that the country does not become the target of the dreaded recession. The problems came about due… View Article

English for Specific Purposes

Once upon a time, there was a city called ELT. The people of ELT led a comfortable, if not extravagant, life, pursuing the noble goals of literature and grammar. There were differences, of course: some people preferred to call themselves EFL people, while others belonged to a group known as ESL. But the two groups… View Article