Energy Essay Topics

Energy Society

The Kyoto Protocol The official name of the Protocol is The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It is an agreement by 165 countries for mandatory targets for the reduction of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. These gases—carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and several fluorinated gases are believed to contribute… View Article

Energy Lab

Part A. 3. Black can heats faster than the silver one. The reason is that dark colored objects absorb energy better than light ones. Can painted flat black would absorb most of the energy that falls on it, while silver can acts as a reflector. 4. Black can looses its heat faster because of the… View Article

Energy and Society

Energy is a vital aspect in human life. Ever since the dawn of human civilization, energy has also been there to support survival and foster development and progress. The human society’s survival is greatly dependent on the energy that is abundantly present in the environment and this is evidently supported by many historical events such… View Article

Energy And Matter

What are the four states of matter? The four states of matter are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Using water as an example, describe how matter can change from one form to another. Liquid to Gas (Evaporation): As heat energy is added to water molecules (boiling of water), they begin to move more rapidly and… View Article

Solar Energy

|The increasing cost of energy and the reality of almost-depleted oil resources have driven man to discover alternative sources. And now, the human race has turned to the basic elements of nature by harnessing energy from wind, water, and the sun. Solar energy is a renewable form of energy and has been a major focus… View Article

The Immediate Need to Implement Clean Renewable Energy Sources

In the words of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, we have a “planetary emergency” at our hands (Gore). For the last 30 years, earth has steadily been exposed to harmful greenhouse gases resulting in continuous degradation to our environment. The World Watch Institute has reported the earth’s ice layer is melting at its fastest… View Article

Alternative Energy Souces For Lee County

Introduction The United States of America is constantly searching out newer and more efficient sources of energy.  Reliance on foreign sources of energy poses a threat to the American people.  Lee County, Florida is also doing its part to implement new and more efficient sources of energy.  The rate at which the American population consumes… View Article

The Struggle Of Oil In America

Introduction Since its discovery 150 years ago, petroleum oil has become lifeline of the world, the functional equivalent of blood in the human body. The mechanism driving the entire transportation system from automobiles, airplanes, railways, ships to space rockets is based on utilization of energy of petroleum oil. Petroleum products are also extensively used in… View Article

Solar Power The trends and future of solar power generation

Solar power is being increasingly conceived as a possible alternative to traditional energy sources, given the rise in costs associated with traditional energy sources. Although it had for long, been considered as highly uneconomic; this notion has been changing with the improvement in technologies. It should be noted here that generation of solar power is… View Article

Search for Alternative Renewable Energy Resources

The use of alternative energy sources to alleviate reliance to fossil fuels and to protect the environment should be implemented. Non renewable fossil fuels including coal, natural gas and petroleum have been the traditional source of energy all over the world. Dependency of different countries in these non renewable fossil fuels and its detrimental effect… View Article

Tidal Energy Generation

The tide and ocean currents produce energy through the movements of water on its surfaces.  By capturing this energy, energy called tidal energy and sometimes referred to as tidal power was introduced.  This energy can be extracted in the form of kinetic energy and potential energy.  From the moving waters of rivers, tides and open… View Article

Perpetual Motion Machine

Physicists say that it is impossible to create a perpetual motion machine, a machine whose own activity keeps it running perpetually. What energy principle precludes the possibility of a perpetual motion machine? In the Universe where we live and where such a device would work, laws govern the habitation and processes that occur here. One… View Article

Turning Algae into Gasoline

Studies about converting algae into biodiesel started during the 1980s. However, the idea is still not yet fully developed nowadays. With the increasing value of oil in the market some people are finding other alternatives. Many organizations are now starting to develop algae into fuel.             Algae are easy to find and those living things… View Article

Approaches to Climate Change and Energy Crisis

The acclaim and mass appeal that was garnered by the An Inconvenient Truth, no to mention Al Gore’s Noble Prize win, is a testament to the interest on the issue of climate change (Lawrence Bender Productions & Guggenheim, 2006). One of the main areas of concern is the development of industries that do not damage… View Article

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is the reduction of quantity of energy used. Energy conservation supports the eco friendly lifestyle by providing energy, which saves your money and at the same time saves the earth. When you decrease the amount of energy you use you automatically make efforts to reduce increasing global warming. Source of Energy Conservation: Solar… View Article

Indolence of the Filipino People

As what I read, Rizal described the people in the tropical and non-tropical countries. In tropical areas, the people there do not work a lot when it’s hot especially at noon time. It is because they have to rest because of the sun’s heat. For instance, we students, whenever the air or the weather is… View Article

Reviewer for Science Quiz Bee

1. A great Greek philosopher, he was the first person to study nature systematically. ARISTOTLE 2. He laid the foundation of modern scientific thought and assembled materials for an organized encyclopedia of all knowledge. ARISTOTLE 3. He was the foremost natural philosopher in ancient times. ARISTOTLE 4. A Benedictine nun, she contributed the medical work… View Article

Energy Equation

The digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems all work together to provide energy for the tissues and organs of the body. The role of the respiratory is to pass oxygen into the blood. The respiratory system oxygenates blood. Oxygen then easily diffuses from the alveoli in the lung through the epithelial walls into the bloodstream. If… View Article

Theme park science

Core content and depth of coverage will vary between groups This unit is based around Chapters 5, 6, & 10 Science. World 1 Amusement Park Rides Types Safety Pushes and Pulls Forces around you Friction The pull of gravity Energy What is energy? Forms of energy Energy comes – energy goes How things work Simple… View Article

Passive Cooling Techniques

Abstract There has been an increasing demand in energy consumption of structures especially air-conditioning system and there is a need/solution on how to minimize/reduce the consumption of energy. In the recent years we witnessed and experiencing energy crisis, especially during summer seasons because of demand usage of air-conditioning systems. With the continuous increasing demand of… View Article

Energy effects

Radiation is a term used to refer to the energy that is emitted or even transferred in the form of particles, or waves through such means as the air, (Murray R. 1994). The energy that is emitted on the decay of a radioactive material is referred to as radionuclide. This energy affects the tissues that… View Article

Energy and States of Matter

Everything changes, that is a fact. We can find changes, even in simple things that we use. Have you ever asked why does an ice cube turn back onto water when you let it stand outside the freezer? Or do you know why an ice cream melts? We knew about the three basic phases of… View Article

Energy Crisis

Every country in the world uses energy. For example: to cook. It is becoming one of the basic needs in life. But where does the energy come from? In the year 2008, 85% of the power that we are using was nonrenewable energy, which means that someday, these energies will be gone. However, right now,… View Article

Solar Heated Grill

We would like to thank following for their endless help in making this Investigatory Project: a. Our Parents who are always there to guide and support us in all our activities, encouraging us to do more and to give more of ourselves. b. Our teacher, Ms. Neis who is always there nourishing our hunger for… View Article

Energy conservation

Energy conservation is essential. Between global warming, air pollution, rising energy costs, and supporting hostile foreign regimes, our energy consumption patterns influence human health, the environment, economics, and politics. When energy is wasted, it exacerbates problems in those areas. When it is conserved, it helps to alleviate those problems. As a community group of homeowners,… View Article

Energy conservation/ Renewable energy sources

Our beautiful earth since its origination has been a ‘hotbed’ of activity. Activity in the sense, we humans has been involved in various activities, utilizing our physical as well as mental part. The activities only caused tremendous transformations, transforming our globe from a primitive one to a developed one. But, one can see that these… View Article

The Flow of Energy

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This is what the law of conservation of energy states. In our environment, energy flows in one form to another through the different natural processes. In ecosystems, some energy is converted into nutrients, which is then passed from one organism to another. The model used to show the… View Article

The Benefits of Working While in School

In a recent survey by Universum, an employer-branding firm that regularly conducts surveys on companies, researchers asked employers which personal qualities they seek most in potential employees. Three of the most desirable traits were professionalism, high energy levels, and confidence. Many college graduates are finding themselves lost in the real world when they are repeatedly… View Article

Energy Transfer and Thermodynamics

There are four laws of thermodynamics that describe basic principles of heat and work transfer that occur in thermodynamic systems. These laws were formulated during scientific research and are proven by experiments which may be repeated to confirm the statements postulated. Laws of thermodynamics are accepted as postulates to enable axiomatic architecture of thermodynamic knowledge… View Article

Renewable Energy

The possible downsides associated with different types of renewable energy resources are briefly listed below. Hydroelectric dam – Located in remote hilly regions mostly prone to earth quakes – Requires construction of large dams in potentially seismic zones – Seasonality in power output as water flow is more in rainy season Nuclear Power Plants –… View Article