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About energy
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Of these, wind is a prime factor, as it would blow the flame from side to side and away from the can. Excess heat energy from the combustion reaction will be wasted on the air around the system and other objects - hands, table etc. Consequently, the system water will not receive much heat energy and the alcohol will needlessly burn away, releasing heat energy to the wrong place. To sustain a constant flame, heatproof mats (substituting for wind breakers)…...
The Importance of Water to Living Organisms
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Without water, life could not exist on this planet. It is doubly important to living organisms because it is both a vital chemical constituent of living cells and for many a habitat too. It covers three quarters of the earth's surface and is the only compound known to man that exists naturally in the three states of matter- solid ice is found at both poles culminating in a formidable climate for living beings; liquid water is found in even the…...
EvaporationSpecific HeatWater
Linear Shrinkage Test
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AIM: To determine the linear shrinkage likely to be experienced by clay material THEORY: Linear shrinkage is the decrease in length of a soil sample when oven-dried, starting with a moisture content of the sample at the liquid limit. This test is used to measure the percentage decrease in dimension of a fine fraction of a soil when it is dried after having been moulded in a wet condition approximately at its liquid limit. The linear shrinkage is found by…...
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Heat balance equations for cover, basin and drum
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The following section represents the governing equations of the model. It includes all the heat balance equations for the cover, the basin and the rotating drum. The model of Malaeb et al (9) is adopted in this study, where modification were made to include surface roughness of the drum. The cover of the still is considered as one single part including the upper curved part and the two vertical sides, whereas the drum is discretized to get the temperature at…...
ChemistryEvaporationHeatMechanical EngineeringNaturePhysics
Rate of cooling
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The problem for this experiment is to investigate the rate of cooling in three different types of cups. They will be used as typical coffee cups for commercial purposes. The cups a polystyrene cup, a paper cup and a plastic cup. Water has a high specific heat capacity. This makes it a very useful material for storing and carrying heat energy. Its heat capacity is 4200 joules per kilogram per i?? C (4200J/kg i?? C). Heat tends to flow away…...
The Water Cycle
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Nutrients are elements essential for life on Earth. The most important of these nutrients are water, carbon (and oxygen), nitrogen, and phosphorous. These nutrients are recycled throughout the ecosystems to provide for the living organisms. Water takes up more than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and makes up almost 70 percent of living matter (Pidwirny, 2006). Such abundance of water on Earth makes it also the most valuable among the nutrients. Water cycle recycles water with the use of processes…...
Steam Distillation
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Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to extract Eugenol from Cloves using steam distillation as a purification technique and to transfer Eugenol from the aqueous phase to the MeCl2 phase. With steam distillation, the boiling point of a mixture of immiscible liquids is lower than the boiling points of the individual components. Water from the steam is one of the components of an immiscible liquid mixture. The vapor pressures of each of the components during the distillation are additive.…...
Discuss Why Hydrogen Bonding Is Essential for Life
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Throughout biochemistry there are many bonds without which life as it is on earth today would not be possible. One of the most important bonds of these is the hydrogen bond, a weak chemical bond that is present in essential biological molecules such as water and polypeptides. A hydrogen bond is defined by Campbell and Reece as occurring when a hydrogen atom is covalently bonded to an electronegative atom but attracted to another electronegative atom. In water molecules, there are…...
IELTS Writing Task
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Line graph Tips for Line graph Line graphs always show changes over time. Here's some advice about how to describe them: * Try to write 4 paragraphs - introduction, summary of main points, 2 detail paragraphs. * For your summary paragraph, look at the "big picture" - what changes happened to all of the lines from the beginning to the end of the period shown (i.e. from the first year to the last). Is there a trend that all of…...
A Separation and Purification Scheme
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Abstract: There are millions of different organic compounds. Most of them are found in mixtures and in order to achieve a pure form they need to be separated, isolated, and purified. However, there are endless numbers of possible mixtures, which make it impossible to have a pre-designed procedure for every mixture. So chemists often have to make their own procedures. The purpose of this experiment was to prepare the student to the real world by them designing their own procedure…...
Downstream Processing
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Student should be able to Define filtration, centrifugation, cell disruption, solvent extraction, chromatography, membrane process, action of force field, evaporation & drying Explain briefly on the concept of each topics stated above List out the uses & importance of each topic stated Introduction Each stage in the overall recovery procedure is strongly dependent on the history & quality of the biological production process. Maximization of production can lead to great difficulties in down streaming and recently more attention is being…...
Evaporationin Our Daily Life
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In a society based only on materialistic possessions, sometimes we overlook even the simplest of things, and the most valuable to our survival as a human race and as a planet. Everywhere around us people envy great architects and artists because of their remarkable creations. Though, we, as a human race disregard the importance of less tangible commodities, developed by the greatest artist ever, Mother Nature. She has given us the most magnificent and staggering artwork imaginable, our environment. But…...
Extraction and Evaporation Recrystallization
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1. To the components of a simulated pharmaceutical preparation, Panacetin, and identifying the unknown component of the mixture through extraction and separation methods. 2. To learn how to purify by recrystallization, how to dry them and how to obtain a melting point. PRECAUTION: ACETANILIDE AND PHENACETIN ARE EYE AND SKIN IRRITANTS. Minimize contact with your unknown compound. THEORY: In this experiment, Panacetin, a pharmaceutical preparation will be separated from its components by making use of their solubilities and acid-base properties.…...
Chem 101 Lab Report 2
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Mixtures are made up of substances or components. If the mixture is fairly uniform in composition, properties, and its overall appearance, it is homogenous. If the component parts are clearly separated, it is heterogeneous. In order to identify the components in a mixture, methods must be used to sort out the components. However, the same methods will not work for sorting all substances. Four different processes would be employed to sort soluble and insoluble components in the following experiment. Introduction…...
Chem Lab Mixtures
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In this lab, a mixture of naphthalene (C10H8), common table salt (NaCl), and sea sand (SiO2) will be separated using the separation techniques in order to demonstrate the properties of mixtures and their ability to be separated by physical means. INTRODUCTION: This lab was based on the separation of the components of a mixture. A mixture can be defined as a physical combination of two or more pure substances. Separation techniques are used to separate components that are not chemically…...
Separating a Mixture of Compounds
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I.Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to separate three components; SiO₂, NaCl, and NH₄Cl through Sublimation, filtration and evaporation to determine the mass and mass percentage of each component. II.Experimental Method EquipmentChemicals Evaporating DishPowdered Mixture A 2 50ml beakerWater Balance Thermometer Bunsen burner III.Raw Data and Calculations Mass of empty evaporating dish76.00g Mass of evaporating dish + powder mixture sample86.00g Mass of the sample10.00g Sublimation of Ammonium Chloride (NH Cl): Mass of evaporating dish and the remaining sample after…...
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Discuss Why Hydrogen Bonding Is Essential for Life
...Concluding, it is clear to see that without hydrogen bonds, life, as we know it today would not exist. Water makes up most of the earths surface and is perhaps the molecule that is the most essential for life- providing stable habitats for marine and...

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