Empiricism: With the writing style/tone of Joseph Addison

After growing weary of hearing the idiot's tale, I began to see farther down the decaying trail called Time that the tale had originated from. What caught my attention was something that I had not seen before because of the sound of the idiot's tale always holding my attention. I saw that farther up the trail, also called the Past, the path was not as lifeless as it was where I was standing. Walking up the path, the idiot's tale became fainter until eventually, I could no longer hear the dull tones of what I was used to hearing.

At this point, I turned around and looked back at where I had come from and I saw the idiot's tale as a whole. Before, I could only hear and see parts of the tale, but from a distance, I now saw that the tale was also called Empiricism. Also, I saw that Empiricism went by the name of Distraction as well.

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The name had simply been hidden from me before. I knew that I could no longer trust what had surrounded me for all this time so I turned my back on Distraction and began walking farther up the path once more.

By the time Distraction was far out of sight, the trail seemed to become more abundant in colour as the life around me seemed to no longer look towards only the ground, but in all directions. It was not long before I realized that I was now hearing a new sound in my ears.

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I did not need to be on the outside looking in to learn the name of this new tale for it was not contained or hidden by any sort of distraction. The name of the new tale was True Philosophy. There was no roof above my head or walls surrounding me to block my view of the world. Instead, I saw the path and the world surrounding it.

True Philosophy's tale was a tale full of passion and understanding. My mind was not restricted to accept only what I could verify with the five senses. Instead, the tale encouraged me to search far and wide for answers to questions that Distraction could never answer. I then realized that the reason I had never heard True Philosophy's tale before was because the idiot's tale that had surrounded me did not allow me to witness any truth beyond that which Distraction wanted me to accept. After experiencing True Philosophy's tale, I learned that this new tale also went by the name of Abstract.

I recognized the name Abstract because I had heard it mentioned many times before by Distraction. Distraction often said that Abstract was an enemy not to be trusted. The idiot's tale had told me that Abstract was nothing more than a fantasy that could not be sensed by any of my senses, and therefore, could not be called truth. I began to wonder how I could hold anything to be true without being able to observe the truth with any of my five senses. I gazed at Abstract and wondered whether the beauty of such a tale was only a meaningless fantasy as Distraction would have me believe.

The thought was very troubling, but just when I thought there was no hope, I remembered what was so different about True Philosophy's tale when compared to the idiot's tale. Unlike the idiot's tale, True Philosophy's tale encouraged me to look in all directions and include every aspect of life in my judgments as well as every thought that crossed my mind. Nothing was dismissed as mere wish fulfilment. Everything was taken into consideration. Once again, the abundant life that thrived on Abstract's part of the trail looked not only to the ground but to the sides and to the heavens as well. Everything was included in Abstract.

Because there were no boundaries to Abstract, I realized that Abstract had to include the entire world whereas the idiot's tale, or Distraction, had hidden the surrounding world from me so that I could only look at the concrete, physical traits of my existence. However, if Abstract included the entire world and beyond, it would also have to include Distraction because even the idiot's tale was part of the world. At the very moment that I discovered Abstract included Distraction, I heard a loud crash in the distance as Distraction collapsed on itself. I walked down the trail called Time back to where Distraction had once stood.

What I saw was that Distraction, also called Empiricism, had taken on a variety of new names such as Nonsense, Contradiction, and Self-Defeat. Everything became clear to me as I saw the new names that the idiot's tale had gained. My mind was now in a state of lucidity as what was clouded by Empiricism at one point in my life was now open and free of any restraints. Because Abstract included the entire world and because Empiricism was a part of the world, I knew that Empiricism was also a part of Abstract. Empiricism had told me that Abstract could not be trusted because of its inability to be verified by the senses.

However, because Empiricism was also Abstract, I knew that Empiricism could not be verified by the senses. I now understood why Empiricism had collapsed on itself because Empiricism destroyed itself by its own tale. Empiricism's inability to meet its own test showed the idiot's tale to be nothing but a falsehood. I then saw that all of Empiricism's names combined into the final name, Utter Stupidity. The trail of Time gradually flourished once more, covering the remains of Utter Stupidity with that of Open Mindedness and Clarity. I gazed down the trail and what I saw was a future abundant with life and advancement

Updated: May 19, 2021
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