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Education in the Philippines Essay

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1. Cite at least three objectives of the 1992 EDCOM, 1998 PESS and 1998 PCER. The three innovations to the Philippine education system had these common objectives: * To introduce curricular reform curricular reforms in the school organization * To investigate the modes of delivery, policy structures, and pedagogical philosophies and recommend enrichment thereof * To align education’s modalities to the needs of the times 2. What are the common findings and recommendations of the three studies conducted in relation to the Philippine education system?

A. Common Findings i. High dropout rates especially in rural areas ii. Mastery of students in important competencies as shown in achievement levels iii. High levels of simple literacy among 15-24 year-olds and 15+ year-olds iv. Highest repetition rate in Grade I v. Children were generally handicapped by serious deficiencies in their personal constitution and in the skills they needed to successfully go through the absorption of learning B.

Recommendations i. Tri-focalization in the management of supervision of basic education, technical-vocational education, and tertiary education ii. Ensure adequate financing and improve the quality of basic education iii. Slow and reverse the haphazard expansion of low-quality tertiary education iv. Provide equitable access to education at all levels so deserving households and communities can benefit from the provision of public education v.

Improve overall sector management through greater local participation and accountability 3. Identify the actions taken by the concerned agencies to respond to the recommendations of the studies conducted? Actions taken are the following: * Congress enacted Republic Act 7722 that created the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) that is responsible for higher education * Congress enacted Republic Act 7796 that created the Technical Skills Development

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Authority (TESDA) which is duty-bound to supervise and manage post-secondary and middle-level manpower training and development * Congress enacted Republic Act 9155 that created the Department of Education (DepEd) that handles basic education (elementary and secondary levels) * For a time, there was moratorium on the establishment of State Colleges and Universities (SCUs) * Tertiary education has been given reduced allocation for Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) * Surveys on applied assessment methodologies and processes were conducted *

Republic Act 10029 (Philippine Psychology Act of 2009) was enacted into law that aims to maintain the development of assessment which is part of the services offered by psychologists * Executive Order No. 46 established the Presidential Commission on Educational Reform (PCER) that is a multi-sectoral body that defined a comprehensive and budget-feasible program of reform in the education system 4. Do the actions taken have an impact on the ailing Philippine educational system? Yes. In many ways the actions taken by the respective agencies of the government have created impact to the Philippine education system.

For instance, DepEd has now concentrated in strengthening the knowledge and skills of elementary and secondary level learners in order to prepare them to the more rigorous life in tertiary education. In addition, CHED has introduced the emphasis of research in support to new teaching methodologies and has identified “Centers of Excellence” and “Centers of Development” among colleges and universities nationwide.

Then TESDA hones the skills of middle-level manpower that is needed in the country and overseas. Although much has to be done yet to create an atmosphere of genuine excellent Philippine education system, more and more actions have been undertaken by the government to address the pressing problems on deteriorating quality of education. Aside from enhancing the competencies of learner.

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