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Disregard of Moral Values Lead to Unethical Deeds

This greed for money has crossed the limits of all ethical standards, regard and consideration for fellow men, or sympathy and compassion. All these things seem to have gone with the wind and are among the major casualties of the post-independence period. This development can be considered quite a new one, probably an accompaniment of the modern technological development which is . taking place rapidly in this country, as the malaise has especially afflicted the young and the middle aged people.

The increasing attraction towards the modern glamorous lifestyles, big cars and bungalows, gorgeous dresses and jewellery has such effect on people that they would not hesitate to resort tovalues all means, unfair to acquire wealth and all luxuries of life.

This mad obsession for reaching the top is the dream of everybody, and as such the moral and ethical values do not seem to have any place. Morality is often defined as the doctrine of actions right or wrong it is synonymous with ethics.

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Moralists are selfless and preach justice in every sphere of life. If people tend to observe morals, they will constitute a healthy and sound society. Morality knows nothing of the geographical boundaries or distinctions of race or color in modern age, the traditional values which are in themselves moral and symbols of rectitude, have been radically transformed. Most of the principles are in a flux and human convictions based a rich human experience are in the melting pot.

Obsessions with circumstances and the peculiar conditions prevailing in a region have proved so overpowering that everything else is thrown overboard.

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Excessive wealth does not necessarily promote culture and intelligence. In fact, the ostentatious and luxurious living that wealth promotes, causes a notable deterioration in character and conception of values. Rarely do highly intelligent people, famous writers or artiest belong to rich families.

Since wealth itself has the habit of diminishing fast, most of those who possess it go to any extent, even to the adoption of unethical practices and dishonesty to acquire more wealth. This leads to further decay and deterioration of character. India’s Poet Laureate, Rabindra Nath Tagore warned. “Greed of wealth and power can never have a limit; a compromise on self-control can never attain the final spirit of reconciliation.

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