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Q.1: From the given debt clock statistics, the US national debt progressively increased and stands at $22, billion plus in dollars considering previous years running into deficit while in year 2000, a surplus in percentage of 2.323% was recorded, thereafter falling back into deficit in subsequent years till date and keeps growing. Considering the largest budget expenditure in Medicare / aid, social security and defense / war, I am of the view that this item needs to be investigated to make an impact on the debt.

Cutting down on these items on the budget has its economy implications. (Wharton,2014).

There will be need for the legislative policy to be review and amending the clause where necessary in the areas affected. On defense and war, if you ask my opinion there is not much the US can do in involvement on war conflicts around the world, going forward. I was privileged to chat with a US soldier in Warrensburg, Missouri and according to him, while on foreign mission in Iraq "on one of his duty post, an Iraqi asked him what business does the US army have in Iraq with respect to the war?, and his response was to keep the conflict compact from spreading.

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Here is reply he got by the Iraqi "US is a baby as regard the war, that it has been before age, continued and can't be stop" that they should leave and stop wasting their time". This sank back to the soldier and after giving his thought to me and said indeed it was of truth considering the tons of equipment and logistics leaving the US is "360 degree" because of the US military presence in almost all the country of the world.

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If the US cut down on defense and war, there will be a huge saving to the economy, this is applicable too to Medicare and aid in the States. To keep up with spending, other internal revenue sources can be activated. According to (Wharton,2014) Concerning American future said "what should our priorities be" relating to the implication of pruning the budget.

Q. 2. Missouri has better finance management, the state of Illinois has GDP that almost triple Missouri when compared, rate of unemployment is more in Illinois than Missouri. Another point of view, both states are spending more than generated but Illinois Spends three time more the state of Missouri. Missouri will be better advantage when it comes to servicing the debt loan because of what is indebted can be control. Illinois expenses are too high and likely not a healthy management when it comes to financial policy.

Q.3. The US national debt is more than Greece though with a better GDP, the current situation is better not imagined for the US, there is need for external cut down spending and focus inward on domestic production of goods and services. It will never come easy and the call will be a hard one and bear on the government integrity. (Wharton, 2014) there are consequence even though a stern approach is required and necessary considering the overall effect on the world economy dependent on the US economy. Greece never recovered from it even with the bail out soft landing. (nektari stamouli, July 6, 2019). Americans government have need to worry about the state of the nation's debt and GDP.

Q.4. Based on data available from U.S. Debt Clock of 2023, by four years going forward, the U.S. budget deficit is estimated to be about 1.44 trillion in dollars. Dating back 13 years, the spending of the government would skyrocket about 99.9% to 100%, if not more. Looking at this, is a tough notch to be able to tell if the strategy is feasible or not and I am of the view there is nothing bad to supporting the poor because is a fraction of spending compare to the other capital area. Going by ethic it is okay and in line, still minding the fact that there are areas that need to be cut down. Economic plan can be improved on expediently for its growth and survival.

Q.5: In 1960 the US GDP was on the rise and fell in 2009. For about a year between 1962 and 1963,the Chinese GDP was stable while also high in some point India and China were trending alongside up to about 1991, there and then China was on the increase but by the year 2007 the India GDP rose up again.

And in the last decade the German GDP was very unstable being about the period in 1970, but for Japan, they didn't seem to be much because they had a kind a stable growth in 1960 going to 1993. Also, the growth was nothing of a recommendation due to the fluctuation at the time.

In 1960, the North America GDP was like the U.S. in growth, until 2009 they fell. And for about 6 to 7 years, the GDP of Europe and Central Asia grew in 2001 till about 2008, but didn't survived that long. Latin American and Caribbean wasn't a distinctive trend while in the year 1994, slow growth was observed for South Asia. Lastly, low rate in GDP growth of the Sub-Saharan Africa for some time till 2002 but unfortunately in a very bad drop getting to 2014.

Q.6. From my observation, China will strive well from the East Asia and Pacific region, they are rapidly integrating into many economies with a default approach of making good advantage of Chinese human labor. they have got the full support of the Government in major aspect of the economy; this tend to tighten up whenever there is a slip. China is known to be the country that have production rate of over 70% since the turn of the century, with Ni/MH batteries for hybrid vehicle. "In 2012, 74% of the consumer type Ni/MH batteries were produced in China" (Bai, W).

The best option for developing the overseas production of batteries with using nano technology in production is a prove that manufactured cells in Japan were sent back to China to make battery packs. Kwo-Hsiung Young, Cai, X., & Chang, S. (2017).


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Updated: May 19, 2021

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