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Cultural Diffusion in Anthropology

Categories Culture, Science

Essay, Pages 2 (320 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (320 words)

Diffusion generally refers to the transplanting of cultural aspects from one group to another. That is, the music, political ideologies, fashion, and any variety of items/beliefs/cultural identities appeal cross from one group to another. While some may consider this a profound concept, the reality is that cultural diffusion is not something that is new and has existed for many centuries. In many cases, diffusion is benign and rooted in popular culture and a desire to experience of discover something new.

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For example, America has always had a long tradition with animation and comic books. Domestic products have always been popular and, starting in the 1960’s, animation and comics from Japan started appealing to American children and the popularity of Japanese entertainment culture grew exponentially in the United States and continues to grow to this day. Diffusion takes on many forms and originates from many sources. Diffusion, for example, can exist in religion.

Consider, for example, the expansion of eastern religions into the western world and the expansion of Christianity and Islam all over the globe.

There are also a number of theories of diffusion such as heliocentric diffusion which postulates all cultures are subsets of a one time originating culture. Then, there is the concept of diffusion that involves interrelation diffusion (also known as evolutionary diffusion) where diffusion occurs from people influencing each others. In actuality, diffusion can exist in so many forms variants of it could literally go on into infinity.

In a way, diffusion is both a simple and complex concept that can originate from everywhere and nowhere.

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As such, there is truly no end to the impact diffusion has on cultures today and those in the future as well.


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