Cultural Brokering in Health Care

The change in migration patterns in the international workforce has greatly influenced cultural adaptations. Since there are various opportunities involved in the segment of health care, individuals from different locations seek their self fulfillment and career path by introducing their services to other nationals. Thus, the concept of culture brokering was created. Culture brokering is the onset of creating a universal understanding in the sector of health care. It is a systematic way to analyze the role culture plays in an individual or family’s experiences with disability services (ICI, 1992).

Apparently, there is a need for transparent and dynamic relationship between the service provider and the service receiver. In the domains of health care, this relationship is very important to make way for a better approach in the process of service rendition. So what are the prime benefits of cultural brokering? As stated, it is a way to bridge the gap between the foreign-born provider with respect to the patient, or vice versa.

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This will somehow reduce the gravity of misunderstanding between the two parties involved.

In the field of rehabilitation, culture influences attitudes towards disability and can affect communication between service providers and consumers (Stone, 2004). What cultural brokering does is to inflict the adjustment procedures for both sides of the service paradigm. The difference in the culture will no longer be a hindrance in the segment of outright health care. Another benefit that can be extracted from cultural brokering can be seen on the part of the service provider. If he comes from a foreign land, he may be able to understand the disability system as his own culture.

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Such scenario will give him better ideas on how he can perform well in giving the best possible service output thus, increasing his work value for customer satisfaction. The last possible benefit in cultural brokering may be attributed to the overall functionality of the health care system. Because there is a good exchange of information and needs on the part of the health service provider and the patient, the friction in miscommunication, misunderstanding and negligence will greatly be reduced. The consumer can get all the necessary service for his rehabilitation.

Moreover, the health care personnel will have a fulfilling experience by providing quality service output. There are various institutions that sustain the availability of cultural brokerage training. Most of these organizations are integrated in the program of the health care unit. For foreign nationals, this is their chance to acquire pertinent information regarding the culture they intend to penetrate. With the training modules and procedures at hand, there is always a better chance for the service provider and receiver to have a boundless interaction.

Recent immigrants often have perceptions of disability, rehabilitation, and independence that are different from, and sometimes at odds with, the values and practices of the U. S. rehabilitation service system. Therefore, it is critical for all service providers to understand how cultural differences can affect their services (Disability World, 2001). In the future, as it may be predicted based on what is happening today, the health care service will see a dramatic change in the global health care system. International correspondence will be widely available for all health care units.


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