Critical Thinking and Ethics

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The relationship between critical thinking and ethics is important because it determines the right and wrong of a decision based on personal recognition of basic human rights. To become a good critical thinker we must analyze and observe, evaluate, and take a moment to separate or own bias beliefs from the issue at hand. Critical Thinking is defined as “The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.” The effects of our decisions have major consequences on a surrounding body of people, and the work place environment.

Issues arise when our thinking fails to keep pace with reality.

Personal ethics helps assist with my decision making. It guides me to participate in actions that meet my moral standards. Ethics helps me consider the impact of my actions on an individual. The foundation of ethical thinking involves having choice and balance in your decisions. Ethics can also apply to our social and professional environment. It gives us an understanding of others opinions and gives us the ability to have an open mind to new ideas and experiences.

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Ethics gives recognition of the long term or short term impact are choices can have. Applying ethics allows us to accept the responsibility for the choices we make.

As humans we all are faced with imperfections, it’s what we do to fix our mistakes that set us apart. In the Ethical Lens Inventory my blind spot pointed out that “I believed my motives justified methods or my own good was good enough.

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” Meaning I sometimes fail to be held accountable to the people that depend most on me. I become narrow minded and don’t see my method of thinking to be incorrect. By learning the steps in critical thinking I can learn to be more balanced in my reasoning skills. I can still stay determined in fulfilling my duties while achieving the greater good for other individuals.

In the critical thinking process there are six steps that can be taken to insure success in everyday decision making. Step one and two describes remembering and understanding. Taking the time to listen to what is being presented to you and fully understanding where the person is coming from or the information that is being given to you, is the first step to critical thinking. Third and Fourth step describes applying and analyzing. Practice problem solving, and identify the cause and effect of the information being given. Learn to recognize the emotional payoff by applying what was being directed to you. The Final step are evaluating and creating. Process the context of your thinking. Review what was said and reflect on it. Lastly be creative in your response. After processing all the information that was being given to you mesh all the necessary steps together and come up with a knowledgeable response. Remembering that ethics and critical thinking determines what is right and wrong in our everyday decision making and can prevent long term effects and can helps us arrive to reasonable conclusions.

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Critical Thinking and Ethics

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