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Critical Decision Making for Providers

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1088 words)
Categories: Choice,Decision Making,Health,Health Care,Life,Therapy
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Critical Decision Making for Providers

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Critical Decision Making for Providers

Critical decision making is a very vital quality that every healthcare facility employee must possess considering the nature of their workplace environment where at times employees are supposed to go out of their way to save a life of a patient. At times medical practitioners ought to go an extra mile and do something which is not among their terms of service just to save a life.

The Consequences for a failing to report

Mike’s choice either inform his the concerned person about the spill or to let go the spill is likely to have adverse outcomes for Mike in both cases. Should he decide to report the incident, he will definitely be late for a job again, a situation which may lead to termination of his job thereby rendering his own family vulnerable since he is the sole breadwinner. If Mike deems it fit for him not to report the spill, he will report to his work on time, however, the spill may cause an accident, especially on a patient who may walk by and fall down an event which may leave patient nursing injuries such as a fracture, brain hemorrhage, mortality, superficial injurie, or even an open wound-which make patient vulnerable to contracting other diseases (Oliver, Healey & Haines, 2010).

Excluding injuries, Mike’s failure to report the spill will have adverse other effects on the affected patient as an injury on the patient may result in their increased stay, the injured patient is rendered less independent and in some cases, patient fall may lead to a lifetime disability or result into depression.

The healthcare facility will also be affected negatively; patient’s fall is expensive in both time and resources and may not be recovered. The patient may also take legal action against the facility in an effort to be compensated. (Inouye, Brown & Tinetti, 2009)

The Impacts of Failure to Report

Mike’s choice of not reporting the spillage to the relevant department or the concerned person will no doubt have an adverse impact on all the aspects that are involved. The decision of failing to report the spill will put the patient’s safety at a stake. Patient’s wellbeing is of great concern in this situation mainly because in case a patient slides and ultimately falls in a hospital, this will consequently have unpleasant effects not only on the patient, but also on the healthcare facility as well. Apart from undesirable results on the on the patient, the financial implications of patient’s injury on health institution is also not interesting. According to Medcrave, a research revealed that falls increased cost of hospitalization per patient to about $6,669. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that costs related to falls may increase to $67.7 billion by the year 2020.

Besides negative financial implications, there could also be lawsuits involved. The patient may file a case against the healthcare facility. This action may translate into additional expenses and resources since in this case; the facility will have to hire a lawyer to represent them and will also have to compensate the patient in case the verdict does not favor them. Besides the costs that the facility will have to incur in case they are sued, the legal action against a healthcare facility will taint its positive public image, which can affect its rating and satisfaction scores, a situation that may cause a decrease in a number of clients. The patient fall will in turn call for the increased workload to the staff, as they will have to carry out extra duties to ensure patient’s safety is guaranteed. These could include regular checkups, screening, close monitoring of patients among other things.


The decision made by Mike, the lab technician, is futile and jeopardizes patients’ safety and their wellbeing will in the hospital. As the manager of this particular healthcare facility, one should address this issue immediately it is brought to their attention put in places good measures in order to curb occurrence of similar incidents future.

Mike’s manager should adopt evidence-based leadership and management to motivate his staff (Hess, 2012). Employees get engaged after they have been satisfied, energized and productive (their work contributes to organizational goals) Engaged employees yield better outcomes. It would wise for the manager to begin by studying situations surrounding Mike so that he obtains a clear picture of the situation in which Mike. This will help the manger to Mike an informed decision, a move which might yield fruits if he is to stop similar incidents from occurring manager.

It is very vital for Mike’s manager to regularly meet his juniors and interact with them on one-on-one basis. During these moments, the manager should enquire about private lives and even family matters of his junior staff. This will give the management a hint on private lives of their employees hence management will be able to evaluate how employees’ private lives affect their ability to carry out duties assigned to them. It should also be noted that during these sessions leaders should ask their juniors on the areas that need to be improved on and employees’ preferences. (Hess, 2012) In Mike’s case, it is possible that he is not having adequate sleep since he has a young baby.

Management should work toward creating a conducive working environment for their employees in order to make them more productive. This could be achieved by engaging employees in most of the matters.


Incidents similar to Mike’s case with his manager are very common in healthcare facilities. Leaders must be committed to looking out for measures to ensure that employees are contended in their workplace for them to be better placed to treat patients well. Adopting evidence-based leadership and management definitely maximizes interaction between seniors and juniors, and helps to seal loopholes that may arise as result of lack of communication between management and junior’s hence ensures that health facilities provide best services to their clients.


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health care. The Milbank Quarterly, 79(3),

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