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Crime essay samples

Many theories state who may commit crimes handle issues such as poverty, mental illnesses or developed theories. Because the three issues I listed are believed to have to deal with why some people are more likely to commit crimes than others. Poverty is a huge effect on why people commit crimes and others believe individuals are influenced by the environment around them or they had grown up in. it is also believed if they receive benefits from the crime committed they do not care for the risks or consequences in the end. Also if they are unable to succeed in life through legal ways they go down the wrong path. Second mental illness affects the brain in which individuals weigh the benefits versus the punishment of the crime which is called a choice theory.

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Lack of Intelligence or Social Acceptance

People who may commit these crimes are unique and varied individuals. The positivist theory is an individual on the other side of the spectrum which means the individual rejects their conscious lack of intelligence or social acceptance and causes them to commit crimes. and third is developed theories also goes back to the community or friends you surround yourself with. also it could relate with family for example if it is something you have seen since you were young and been around for a long time. You may believe it is a normal life when you’re young but as you get older you realize it is illegal but you’ve only known that life. Most people never change because it has worked for them.

Criminal Justice

In criminal justice, it is broken down to concepts of sociology, psychology, and the behavior that is to explain that violates laws of our society. The question asked is why is it important for criminal justice majors to study theories about the causes of crime and victimization? In assumption crime and theory focus on explaining the why of the crimes. the studying of criminal justice is a knowledge of how to and how it works. As much as it is important to solve the crimes and provide justice, it is also just as important to help a victim cope in using different approaches called victimology that helps victims heal after crimes. As for criminology is understanding the motives and why the cause of the crime. Without this type of study, we would be going out to the real world and not knowing how to help a victim when needed.

Hot Spot Policing

In my opinion, I do believe some change may help but I don’t see it changing our society drastically. I believe Hot Spot Policing can help, which indicates police identify areas within a city that may have numerous crime reports and surveillance which will reduce both crime and disorder. Second is problem-oriented policing which takes practice in your society, could be effective in impacting crime and disorder problems, develop new methods of analysis, innovative solutions. Lastly Behavioral intervention programs, I know we have a few like this in our society but imagine if people were to take this seriously I can see it working and helping. There are programs that help juveniles and adults offenders, substance abuse and violent abuse, probation, and parolee. These programs can help a lot with social skills, problem-solving, moral reasoning, critical reasoning, self-control, and impulse management it is almost like walking out as a new person. These three I believe can affect our society in a good way and help certain individuals create a new life for themselves. I am for the Intervention programs because if workers and criminals took the programs seriously they can become a new person, of course, it will take strength and guidance but if you get the right help and someone to push you I believe a criminal could change for the better.

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